Does Balenciaga Sell Replacement Mirrors?

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  1. Fairly new to PF here...I bought my bag at a consignment store. I love, love, love it but . . . it was missing the mirror :sad: . Anyone know of how I can get a replacement? Thanks!
  2. Have you tried contacting Balenciaga New York? 212-206-0872
  3. Haven't tried that but will take your suggestion...thanks!
  4. One of my B-bags came without a mirror so I am wondering if any places sells those? Think BalNY does??
  5. That would be cool if so. My black 04 has no mirror either. I need tassels so I should really call BNY.
  6. Kinda like when the tassles split we can buy a new set, can we buy a new mirror if it breaks or gets lost or something?
  7. There have been threads about this in the past. Here are two of them:
    There is not much info in either one, but maybe you could contact the OP's? I remember another thread where somebody said, BalNY has replacement mirrors. Bu of course, just like with the tassels, it depends on which color you're looking for.

    Hope you find your mirror!
  8. THey are $90 through BalNY. Call and ask for Reo, he is the one in charge of ordering them from Paris. Not all colors will be available.
  9. Thanks Simmchen and
    Thanks Twiggers and congrats on your Petal Pink!
  10. aaah, thanks twiggers! Glad we have an answer now :smile:
  11. No problem....glad to help! I had to research this earlier this year for a bag! Now that I know what a PITA it is I always pass up bags on ebay without them!
  12. Twiggers,
    Why is it such a pain? Is it a pain for me if I wanted a replacement, or for the associate at Balenciaga? Or maybe it's a hassle for the associate, so they make it a hassle for me~!
    I'm eyeing a beautiful Matelasse which doesnt have a mirror. But I really love the Matelasse mirrors. Do you think it would cost more for a Mat. Mirror?
  13. They just seem to make it sound like it's such a big deal to get the replacement mirror (I'm sure it's in a computer somewhere....but everything is a big deal at BalNY LOL)!

    As for the Matelasse mirror...I really don't know. I was only looking for a regular mirror. It would only take 2 minutes to give them a call though...I'm sure they'll answer your question right away!
  14. Will Do~! Thanks!
  15. Hi all,

    Well I bought a bag from a seller and it is new and all with tags still attached, the bag was bought from Balenciaga NY and I got it this week, but the Mirror has some deep scratches on it.

    Do I just call Balenciaga NY and see if they will replace it?

    OR Do I have to buy it?

    Please advice.