Does Balenciaga kill all other brands for you?


Mar 17, 2006
It does for me. The more I use my B-bags and accessories the more I love them. There's nothing else that really grabs me. I've sold off most other bags. I'm down to my Gerard Darel bags (which I use in lieu of a b-bag when it's raining - my knock around bags if you will) and one YSL Muse that I love. Other than that it's all b-bag all the time. They've sort of ruined other bags for me. I have a BV Hobo (and a bunch of BV accessories) - but I'm only keeping it since I know it's a "forever" bag that I can wear and is classic. I don't even use it anymore.

Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else?

Sorry mods, I know there is a thread on this somewhere, but with no search function I couldn't find it. :flowers:


why bother
Jun 27, 2006
Yeah, there is another thread on this but I can't find it either :shame:

And yes, Balenciaga has ruined me for all other brands.

I have actually tried to actively find another brand to fall in love with-- and I can't :shrugs:


Nov 17, 2006
yup, fortunately it has (or I´d be totally over my head in debt;) LOL), I love each and every one of my bags and I cannot picture myself stop loving them......that will probably never happen though. I do have to say that I still use, and like, my LV luggage,



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Apr 21, 2006
For me personally I definitely went ga-ga over Balenciaga with my first bag but since then I've been able to edit down my Bal collection down while also adding other fantastic bags from Chloe, Belen Echandia, Gerard Darel and Kale.

The one thing that sometimes bugs me about Bal but not my other bags is some of the Bal leather seems a little more 'fragile' if you know what I mean. I'm always worried about scratching it or "warming" the handles - I don't worry as much about these things with some of my other brands.

I still :heart: Bal though, don't get me wrong! :tup:


Jun 13, 2007
It definitely does kill other brands for me. Even though I dont have a lot of money to spend but I am still in love with Balenciaga more than any other brands. The leather and design are what catches my attention. So far, I only have one messenger. If I ever had a chance, I would probably go for other brands such as Hermes bags, LV trunks, and Nancy Gonzalez bags. Those are the only brands that I mainly adore besides Balenciaga. Not just bags but everything about Balenciaga is sooooo fabulous. However, I totally agree with redney about "fragile" the bags are.
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Jul 16, 2007
I went way overboard with Bal when the brand first caught my eye. I sold EVERYTHING else and only bought Bal for about a year. I've calmed down a bit since then and am slowly adding other brands back into my wardrobe. But Bals are still my go-to!


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Apr 4, 2008
For me yes, for the most part - i do have and love my LV luggage which I use weekly for biz travel, and I do have a couple basic LV bags that are "classics" that I will never part with....but for the most part, I love the Balenciaga bags! I am fairly new to them though, so I am curious to see how they hold up over time and continued use. My LVs are long-lived and will stand up to a years and years of use....I do wonder about my Balenciagas in that respect.....


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Jun 30, 2007
I'm so glad you posted this thread! :yes: Balenciaga has ruined me, for all other bags! :Push:
I love them so much I have trouble using some of my other bags, sometimes! :wtf:
I go to use another bag and I have b-bag withdrawls! Its terrible! :lol:

Balenciaga kills it!!! :woohoo:


May 31, 2007
Yep, it did it for me!
I was such a Gucci girl .... I dreamed of owning a Gucci and I finally got my first when I started working but then I got my first Bbag. In the beginning it was just one then I became obsessed (and I have to say that joining tPF only amplified my obsession with Bbags). The more I learned and the more pictures of the colorful smooshy Bbags I saw the more I wanted them all. Up until last month I still had my Gucci wallet but I just sold that off too when I got my GSH Magenta wallet. I gave or sold most my other bags except my botkier ...that I keep around when it rains or when I am going somewhere outdoorsy where I know the bag will end up on the floor.


Dec 13, 2005
Yes, oh my goodness.
I still use my LV luggage, and a couple of Chanel or Miu Miu bags (very rarely use), but the ONLY bags I buy anymore - and use everyday - and OBSESS over are the Balenciaga.
I even sell other designer brands at my boutique and could get them at cost, but I have no interest anymore.

...I wonder what I was doing with my time before I got bit by this bug???


Nov 18, 2006
I am still very smitten by Balenciaga, but I'm pleased to say that falling for a designer bag has also opened my eyes to other designers and I must confess to be totally in love with Chanel as well. I think it's very healthy to love other items. Sorry Bal but you're still a fave!


Aug 30, 2007
My bbag obsession just started a couple months ago, and am already planning future purchases :P I was die-hard Chloe before moving over to the "dark side", and have been selling off my Chloe to fund Balenciaga. I love the Chloe leather, but there really is no comparison to bbags. Balenciaga has succeeded in killing all other brands for me.