Does Balenciaga have a monogram type line?

  1. My friend's boyfriend's sister came back from Hong Kong with a "Balenciaga" monogram type wallet for her. We have some knowledge of designer bags and wallets but we have never ever heard of or seen anything with a Balenciaga monogram. Does this line exist? Can you Balenciaga experts help us?
    Thanks in advance
  2. I have never seen/heard this it Balenciaga or that spanish brand Balenciaga?
    If it does exist, I'm curious to see.....:yes: Is it in leather or canvas?
  3. there's 2 balenciagas?
  4. Yep! There's a spanish brand which is also called Balenciaga and has a double "B" pattern....
  5. I'm surprised there haven't been and trademark etc. type disputes between them!
  6. ^ no...that is the same balenciaga that makes the motorcycle bag......
    cristobal balenciaga WAS spanish..... :lol:

    anyway...those monogram bags are just 'vintage' ... i guess from the 90s. i see them on eBay from time to time.
  7. [​IMG]



    yick......but you can clearly see the "balenciaga paris" ......
  8. Yes, that's the logo, the double 'B's. So then it's not the Balenciaga we know but a totally different line?
    I haven't seen the wallet but when I found this pic online and asked my friend if it looked like that, she said yes. Here's the link: BANG MB :heart: - Balenciaga UPDATED - Powered by XMB
  9. yes, it's the same brand, there is no such thing as two balenciagas. Cristobal Balenciaga, the original designer, as Brian mentioned, was Spanish. So the name, the person, is Spanish.

    Since he is dead, and has been since 1972, Balenciaga = a fashion house, based in Paris, currently designed by Nicholas Ghesquiere. The two BBs is the house's logo.

    (at least this topic finally forced me out of lurking) :flowers:
  10. We learn new things everyday!!! :smile:

    But it's kinda bizarre that on the official Balenciaga site, they don't use the double "B" logo....:s Are these just old then?
  11. those monogrammed bags look extremely tacky...
  12. actually, if you look on .....
    under eyewear.... the last pair is a reproduction of a vintage design from the 60s and you can see the bb on the temple...

  13. No they are new but from the spanisch brand. Spain is the only country who has the rights to make Balenciaga wih the 2Blogos. So it has nothing to do with the Nicolas-line. These are much cheaper and not made from leather but nice. I have a small bag, i bought it in gran canaria for 69 euro.

    byby FX:heart:
  14. Thank you guys for all the information! :smile:

    I'm not a big fan of these monogram Balenciaga' do you guys think? ;)