Does Balenciaga ever go on sale ?

  1. It's all in the titel. They don't where I live (authorised retailer but priced higher than B Paris)
    So since I promised to waint for my ink and then be good until christmas. I was wondering if there are places where you can get good deals during sales (which are only twice a year over here, next one in january).
    Maybe I can find a sales "partner" ?!
  2. Maria Luisa /rue Cambon, Paris had a few things for sale in July, though not the most popular styles/colour, but lilac wallets and clutches, etc
  3. I've seen a few go on sale with Aloharag, like the denim pochette and some of the pony hair accessories.....I think some of the odd items will go on sale if left over, but usuallly none of the solid leather ones......
  4. Shirise had a big sale a couple months ago. I don't know if or when they'll do it again
  5. Harvey Nichols reduces some lines in their Jan/July sales.
  6. I've found that here in the US, the smaller boutiques tend to put leftover stock on sale at the end of the season. I've NEVER seen the Moto line B-bags on sale at the big department stores like BalNY/Barneys/Neimans...
  7. A boutique in Philly had a sale on bbags earlier this summer. It was only 4-5 bags though.
  8. Koh Samui had a Balenciaga and Chloe sale not too long ago. It was about 25% off. I don't know if they do it regularly or not, but it's definitely worth it to find out.
  9. yes, a store in Houston also puts theirs on sale.
  10. ^swanky-- which one? mix?

    esile told me one of her friends got a twiggy on sale but when i went to get my work from there, they told me the bbags never go on sale.
  11. ^yes.
  12. Last summer sale, Harrods in London was selling at -50% the ones with the large stripes! Of course the more classic ones didn't go on sale...
  13. Has anyone seen any Balenciagas on sale in the US. If so where? Have any been spotted at the Barneys outlets?
  14. The only place that you will find a discounted B-Bag, is through a 3rd party (mostly online) seller, eBay or Consignment Store/Web.

    If a retail store has a direct relationship with Balenciaga (meaning that they deal directly with Balenciaga), they are NOT allowed to sell the bags at discount. That's not to say that they can't (at some point) sell the merchandise to another concern (e.g., where they are then discounted.

    The problem with the online "discounters" ... caveat emptor ... there have been problems with FAKES!!! It's always a good idea to inquire as to whether or not a site is selling fakes or not.
  15. Thank you so much!