Does Balenciaga do a Holiday Collection?

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  1. Any idea what that will be like?
  2. The following will have the Antiqued nickel giant hardware (gunmetal):

    Suede (very fine cashmere like suede) with leather trim - work size and brief, and also money wallet and coin purse (both with GH also)

    Wool w/ leather trim

    Tweed w/ leather trim

    Tufted wool w/ leather trim (bag works as a muff as well)
  3. Thanks! Any early pictures?
  4. oh, exciting! the muff sounds really unique.
  5. here it is....

  6. i have a pic of the tweed...will try and scan it later...
    it's on the vogue paris collections book...
  7. ICB, how do you always know this stuff? You're amazing!
  8. here's a small pic of the suede...

    looks like tomato suede with black leather trim...