DOES balenciaga come in this color?

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  1. DOES balenciaga come in this color? I found someone who wants to sell her bag and it is this denim-ish blue color which is amazing! but i am not sure it is real .. what do you think?
  2. i'm pretty sure there was light blue in that color range, but i don't know if that was the specific color. one of our fellow experts is going to have to clarify this!

    unless you can determine if it's one of the colors from
  3. Isn't that cornflower?

    Not a b-bag expert =x
  4. nope, definitely not cornflower- cornflower is much darker than that color.

    i'm leaning towards a big no right now, i checked and i couldn't match it up with any of the swatches.
  5. You're right, Melissa, it's definitely not cornflower. Perhaps CeeJay can help. She is our B-bag expert.
  6. It looks like sky blue to me from 2005 pre-spring.
  7. Well I have a sky blue hobo and i just looked at it, it looks like the same colour. The sky blue sample on looks a little grayer than it really is.

    IF it is that bag, I suggest you go for it becuase as you know Balenciaga's new leathers are not as gorgeous as the older ones (the new ones are shinier). This seasons are buttery soft, infact unbelievably creamy. It's what makes balenciaga so great!
  8. Thanks guys! I will keep u updated ;)
  9. It's turquoise 2005.. I have this ..
  10. If it is a Balenciaga, I would guess sky blue. Although, I have seen some cornflower bags photograph much lighter than they are IRL. I think we need to see the entire bag and the metal tag to be able to render an informed verdict.
  11. Looks like Sky blue to me- but I am no expert.
  12. its pre-spring 05 sky blue! :love:

    i'm waiting for mine to come!
  13. If it's authentic it's sky blue! Do you have a full size photo?
  14. I think it's first turquoise 2005 ... See mine :love:
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