Does Bal still make the Ghost?

  1. They seem to be very hard to find, and I am wondering if it is because Bal just does not make very many of that style, or if Bal discontinued the Ghost? TIA!
  2. I believe it is discontinued!:sad: ~ so sad b/c it is so cute! Also the toilet is being discontinued.:sad:
  3. Thanks, Zacorey - I was afraid of that. I saw your cute pale pink Ghost and it just makes me smile. And now they are going after the Toilet style? Is it being discontinued after this season? Did Bal discontinue the Ghost last year?
  4. What does the ghost look like?! Does anyone have a picture? :wondering
  5. Good question! I was wondering the same thing. I know BalNY doesn't have them, but then again, they never order the shoulder style either :confused1:
  6. I was going to ask the same question. It's such an adorable style.
  7. Thank you!:heart: The Ghost is just so cute. Yes~ just found out the toilet is being discontinued after this season! I don't get it b/c they are hard to find and then they're discontinued so quickly!
  8. I've been wondering the same thing too!! I really like the Ghost, looks so cute, just like a cheeky boy grinning at me!! hee...

    and who got that Lilac Ghost????? Me wants one too!!!!
  9. I saw that I was like, wow this baby is gone so fast :wtf:
  10. The Ghost looks lovely in lilac. Also seems to be the size where you can get a lot in it. Do Ghosts come up very often? I am guessing that everyone who has one is hanging onto it.
  11. I saw the Ghost at Selfridges in London recently. It was in White and/or Natural i believe...
  12. ^^^NO WAY!!!!!!! I would have a heart attack if I saw any at a store! LOL
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Well, at least it didn't have a sheet on ...

  14. Hee hee - I'd love to see a Bal Ghost IRL.