Does Azur pattern not show up well on camera?

  1. I took some pictures of my new Azur speedy 30 to show you guys, but I keep getting these weird ring pattern on it. It's not the camera problem. I don't know how to describe it...

    I've taken multiple pictures, but has anyone had problem with taking a good picture of Azur? I don't want to post the pics I took because seriously they don't do justice to this baby!

    Maybe I need to adjust the lighting to avoid this effect?
  2. have you tried taking from a distance I find damier doesn't photograph well for me if I'm close
  3. I am trying to find some good pics of Damier Azur canvas that CEC.LV4eva posted a few months ago...
  4. Here is one of my pampellone.

  5. A few more I found.


  6. I tried taking pics of my azur w/ flash it didn't turn up well, w/out flash, better.
  7. Here's a photo of my azur saleya pm with 6 week's patina. I did not use a flash.
    Azur Saleya patina 6 weeks.jpg
  8. here's my azur speedy after i got it in january, flash used.


    and flash not used:

  9. I'd try to take a picture of mine, but my camera is the crappiest camera I have ever owned. It would take clear pics worth crap and the flash just makes it look like there a bright light and you can't see the thing your taking a picture of... Ugh...
  10. I think my problem may be that the camera I used may take really clear pictures. I borrowed my sister's super fancy camera so I may not have known the setting. I mean I could see every line on the azur pattern. Thanks for the input guys, I will try again tonight.