Does Azur look OK with black & other darks?

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  1. I'm loving the Stresa, & especially in Azur. However, I tend to wear a lot of dark colors, especially black & gray. In the esteemed opinion of you PF ladies, does Azur look OK with those colors? Or do you prefer them with lighter colors and pastels?:thinking:
  2. No, not black in my opinion, but brown or grey, yes!
  3. I love the contrast!
  4. I think it's nice with black!! It goes with many more colors than one would expect.
  5. I'm sure it would look okay but would be better with browns or jeans.
  6. I totally love it with dark colours - it makes the bag and outfit POP! Such eyecandy!

    See what I mean? ;)
  8. The link doesn't work for me :sad:
  9. Yup. It certainly looks good with brown!
  10. I think it looks fabulous with gray and tan- black and brown, not so much.
  11. Oh now the link is working... it certainly stands out!
  12. i think it would be a nice contrast!
  13. I like it with anything!
  14. Yes, it works with black. When you go to the boutique and look at the Azur pieces you will notice that some are bluer than other and some actually almost look black. I used to own a Saleya and it was a very dark blue that looked black. I used to use the Black Denim Bandeau on it and I swear it brought out the black in the blue. Definately wear it with black especially if your Azur is the darker blue.
  15. I tend to wear black a lot and I love the way azur pops out against the dark colors.