Does Azur canvas can change color ?

  1. I just bought my azur speedy 30 and I like it so much. The one that worries me is if after years of wearing it the color of canvas will change color become dirt or more yellow than its original (broken white-Grey).

    I started to woory after seeing to one of local boutique that sales fakes branded hand bag. I found out one Azur sale on clearance due to one side of the canvas bag has changed color to more yellow.

    I'am afraid it will happend to my authentic one. Does any body has keeping azur after years ? does it change color ?
  2. fakes are cheaper than authentic bags for a reason - they're poor quality and not the real thing! I'm sure that won't happen to your just use it and enjoy it!
  3. I am sure it will be fine.
  4. It will be fine!!!! Enjoy it!!
  5. Beljwl, kemalee do you have azur keeps for years ?
  6. nope. no color changing that i have noticed...and mine has been out in the summer heat and stuff.