Does Araline make you feel girly? Roxy sexy? Bay elegant?

  1. TropicalGal's thread about the Mulberry feeling got me thinking. Do you feel different depending on which bag you're carrying?
    I know I feel businesslike and no nonsense when I carry my black Alana but girlie & feminine when I carry tangerine Araline. Magenta Hanover gives me another personality altogether - that's the equivalent of f*** me shoes!
    So how do your bags make you feel? Do you they give you a different personality?
  2. I think my bags definitely make me feel different, depending on which one I've chosen. Or perhaps I'm already feeling that way, and that's why I've chosen to carry a particular bag that day :yes:

    The Elgin makes me feel chic & understated; Joni makes me feel casual and relaxed; Araline makes me feel cute & girly; Ayler makes me feel summery (probably because I only carry it in the summer;)); the Emmy makes me feel chic & groomed; the Bayswater makes me feel chic & edgy (due to the colour).

    ETA and probably not appropriate for this forum, but the Stam makes me feel like a million dollars :yes:
  3. I view the Bayswater as an urban bag, even though I live in the jungle. But I use it anyway, because as Isak Dinasen said (or Meryl Streep in Out of Africa,) "I like my things." I like to mix things up a bit. I feel jolly hockey sticks chic with my black Antony. I can see how I would totally feel slouchy and sexy with Roxy when I get her... And Annie will make me feel cared for with a secret giggle.:wlae:
  4. You live in the JUNGLE! Oh lorks, now I'm imagining you up in a tree house with your posh Mulberries!!
  5. Well...not in a treehouse, exactly. I live in Merida, in the Yucatan peninsula. About a four hour drive to Cancun. So..yes, I would say I'm the only gal in her khaki's, striding through the jungle with an Oak Bayswater. But hey, we chic gals are chic no matter where... It is like the British empire in India, with their fine tea sets and furniture...well, that's me, 2008 style in Latino America! The world is a multi culti place.
  6. Ooh, I'm disappointed. I rather like imagining you as a modern-day Jane!! Still think it's fab though that there you are carting your little bit of England around!
  7. I think all non mulberry owners would shoot out to buy some, if they thought they would feel this good and have a different mood for every bag:yes:
  8. Absolutely right aine! I looked in my wardrobe today and realised that all my bags, bar one, are now Mulberry! All the others have gone because they just didn't make me feel as good as carrying a Mulberry does.
  9. Antony- chic, urban, carefree
    Bayswater - elegant, ladylike, grown up!!!
    Annie- casual chic, special!

    Difficult to find the right words!
  10. flyvetjo -- I liked your words for your bags. Very succinct and perfect! Nice! I need to feel the Annie REAL SOON!
  11. TG- Annie is TDF - love mine!!
  12. That's so funny you quote that, TG. I love that movie, and hers is exactly the attitude I cop when DH questions all my handbags...:lol:
  13. Haven´t had my M´s for long but:

    Effie feels like a kind of bag soulmate - so perfect with my current lifestyle. Sits tight even with a struggling baby on the other arm! And I feel casual but well dressed with her;)!

    Bayswater just makes me happy :love:! Haven´t been out much yet but I feel special just by having it! Almost hard to resist reading a story and tuck it in at bedtime...:shame: Feel kind of smart when carrying it! :p
  14. mymlan
    Every time I see your avatar, I am loving that bag more! Reminds me of my first Coach bag years ago (never admit to how long!!). Effie is just so classic and comfortable looking!! I will need a choco bag sometime this year, hmmmmmmm. We'll see!!!:love:
  15. Yes, Mymlan's avatar is v e r y appealing! So are all the Annie avatars....