Does Aqua '07 vary that much or is it...

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  1. That this color is so ridiculously hard to capture on camera? I have tried and tried to get a true representation of the aqua I received yesterday (it is the same color as the one I returned, but better leather) I cannot get the color right in any pics. THat made me start thinking that maybe the color doesn't vary that much maybe it is just hard to photograph. Before I ordered these two I thought that aqua was much brighter more like turquoise, but no it is the love child of teal and turquoise '05! What do you all think?
  2. I agree. It tends to photograph brighter and more turquoise. I would call it a bright teal rather than a turquoise.
  3. i've seen a few bags in aqua and CAN vary a lot.
  4. Hmmm, I haven't seen enough Aquas in person to tell you if they vary a lot. I know that there are certain leathers that absorb the color better (according to Kim at Balny). Also I think the amount of veins on a bag would determine the overall color.

    But I absolutely agree with you on photographing Aqua. It's so hard! When I photographed my Aqua I couldn't get the underlying teal that was present in real life. It's almost as if the teal disappeared when the flash hit. Also, the bag is much "blue-er" than Teal 2005.

    It is one of the hardest colors to truly photograph. However, I will say that in the sun it is as bright as the photos I've seen on the MP.

    BTW, How do you like your new AQUA?! I LOOOOOOOVE the color. So pretty and mediterranean.
  5. My aqua work that I had looked a lot like my Teal 05 work. I wish I had taken a comparison photo. The difference was that it had just a little bit more green to it and it was a tad bit other words, GORGEOUS! Congrats on your new bag. I'm so glad you're happy with the leather on this one. I tried to get another aqua work the other day from Daphne but they're sold out.........only GH left.