Does Application Appleguard Leather Cleaner Change the Colour of the Spy's leather?

  1. I have a Spy Hobo in Honey and a Cherry Spy and I am expecting a honey wisteria to arrive from Neiman Marcus in a couple days. Recently I have noticed the honey colour hobo has darkened slightly due to usage so I was just wondering if anyone has used Appleguard Leather conditioner on their Honey Spy and whether it darkens or changes the colour of the spy. Alternatively, can anyone recommend a good leather conditioner that they have used to protect their spys without darkening or changing the spy's original colour. Thanks :yes: :yes: :yes:
  2. I have applied Appleguard to a gold metallic spy without a problem and also to a cognac one. I would test a small amount on the honey colored ones first. I think Appleguard is a good idea, so the leather doesn't look worn as quick. I like mine to look newer.
  3. I've been wondering the same thing. I have a choco and honey wisteria spy. Although I've had no problems using apple guard conditioner on the choco, I haven't been brave enough to try it on the honey.
  4. Thanks for the advice Fendigal and Stinam. I will gather up all my courage and apply a small amount to the honey hobo in a discrete spot so even if it does change colour it is not as obvious.
  5. I've used appleguard on my honey spy & the colour is fine. Just spray lightly all over the bag & handles, let it dry and try another light spray. Be sure to let it dry between applications. You should not have any problems, don't soak the leather. It will look darker for a bit until it's throughly dry. It will keep stains from your nice bag.
  6. Thanks Pinkie. Did you use the water repellent or just the leather conditioner in the appleguard range?
  7. Sally.. I've never yet tried the conditioner but I have used the water repellent on my Spy & all my Balenciagas.. especially the light ones... you won't have a problem if you do a light film all over. I hate to keep repeating that but I don't want anyone to think I said spray & soak their bag. It seems to condition the bags a bit too. I have the LMB & Vectra & Shining Monkey sprays but I've been very happy with the appleguard so I haven't tried the others yet. Just use it outside because it doesn't smell great when you spray it.. the leather will smell fine after it dries. I've gotten small marks on bags that I haven't used it on but honestly I don't get them if I've treated the bags.
  8. Where does one purchase this stuff?
  9. Thanks Pinkie.

    Litigatrix, I found this website that sells appleguard. I am not sure where you can get LMB & Vectra & Shining Monkey sprays.

    Pinkie, can you confirm that appleguard water repellent spray on link below is the one that you have used and happy with. Thanks | Apple Leather Care
  10. Sally.. that LeatherStuff link is where you can get Appleguard or I've been told also at Burlington Coat Factory. | Apple Rain and Stain Repellent It is the Water Repellent Spray that I use & it moisturizes some too.

    The link for Vectra is >>
    Vectra Spray with both of those I've bought the aerosol spray cans.

    LMB is @ Product Details
    Lovin my Bags Store

    I can tell you the LMB is much more costly & I haven't tried mine yet but some here swear by their products. Personally I would go with the Appleguard or Vectra first. The Appleguard spray is only $7 a can & it works for me.. I spent about $40 on the LMB products so I'm going to have to try them sometime... ;) I've heard only good reports on Vecra which is a larger spray can for about $20. The Appleguard Leather Care is a good moisturizer should you need one but the cleaner is supposedly too strong & might lighten the leather colour.
    Hope this helps you...
  11. I used the stain repellent spray on both my metallic and the white baby spy about twice, and it's been fine. More than fine actually - they haven't picked up any stains that I know of!
  12. Has anyone not used a treatment on their Spy?
    I have a Cognac...really worried about using it in the rain.
    Do I need to use anything?
  13. I think you'd be smart to spray it with appleguard.
  14. Hi:

    I've just got my first Spy..IT's the Fortuny. I'm in love with it.
    Can I apply AppleGaurd on it?
    Thank you.