Does anywhere have this Michele watch?

  1. I have been in the market for a new Michele watch and i originally wanted one of their new two toned editions but after seeing this one I really LIKE!!:nuts:

    I saw it about a year ago but ended up buying a Deco instead.

    This watch is huge and the diamonds are very loud and blingy IMO......but I LOVE it.

    It looks like the mini urban only much much bigger. Its bigger than the deco.

    Anyone who owns this I'd love to hear about it

  2. did you try michele website???

  3. yeah its available. I knew that....I was just asking for advice on what people thought who owned the watch. Thats all:tup:
  4. Bumpity Bumptiy....anyone? Just curious to hear feedback
  5. I've got the CSX diamond two tone so not this one I'm afraid...

    Mine is a little heavier than I'm used to (my prior everyday watch was a raymond weil tank style). I love my Michele, just getting used to her!

    Good luck!!
  6. I have a csx big round no diamonds and a csx big rectangle with diamonds and I love both of them!!
  7. Wow i love it. I only wish i could own it.
  8. I dont own one myself but have seen it on others....

    It is a very wonderful watch with killer looks...very nice choice....

    Congrats and plz post pics once you snatch it!!!
  9. I just saw this Michele at NM today and its Gorgeous! Its hard to see the pic. Its a ceramic watch!