Does anything take ink off of leather?

  1. I am watching a bag on eBay right now. Waiting for it to be authenticated...And it has a slight ink mark. On the inside of the leather. Sooo even if it don't come off. It's inside the bag. BUT...I was just curious...Can one get the ink out of leather?

    I personally DON'T carry ink pens for this fear I have of getting ink on my bags...Anyone else with that fear that they go to my extreme of just not carrying an ink pen?
  2. I heard that of you use a white eraser on ink marks on leather it takes it off. But make sure you do it easily so you don't take off the leather detail.
  3. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders. Coach Leather Cleaner can also help.
  4. Don't know how accurate this is, but I heard that rubbing alcohol will take it off. I'm thinking about trying it on my wallet.
  5. Try a little bit of hairspray - I've used it to take ink marks off leather furniture and it works!
  6. Don't do it! There is a good chance it will take off the dye in the leather as well.
  7. hairspray on a q tip that is not dripping wet!!
  8. You guys are AWESOME! Thanks so much...Then possibly I can forget being so careful with pens in the future that I can actually CARRY them in my bags.:flowers:...I also am watching a bag that has an ink mark on the inside of the bag on the leather...Thus the question...And the fact my husband was commenting just the other day...YOU MUST BE THE ONLY WOMAN WHOM HAS A PHOBIA ON CARRYING PENS IN THEIR PURSE!?! So I can start carrying pens again!!! This is a big break threw on a personal level...Thanks so much...:tup:
  9. As LadyV said. I wouldn't do it if if lightening of the dye would bother me. Inside the bag is one thing. Outside is another.

  10. Thanks...I'll try either the hairspray. (Which someone else used on their leather furntiure with success) Or the Mr. Clean eraser which also someone has had success on. I'll skip the alcohol...Since ones mentioned it may take off the dye color of the leather...;)

    But as you say...It's inside the bag so..."IF"/WHEN I win my auction of that bag...I'll let you know how it turns out with my attemps of removing the ink stain...;)
  11. Hairspray will take ink off, it will remove haircolor from your clothing, but if it has alcohol it will/might take the dye off the purse. Do NOT use alcohol. It is always better to get the ink off as quickly as possible, it dries, and sets into the leather. I have a tiny ink mark on a pond legacy, eraser did not remove it. Apple conditioner did not rub it out, but did make a little lighter.

    When in doubt, Always do a test in a hidden place.

    I always carry my pen and pencil, inside a planner. Sometimes a click pen has been pushed by something in the bag and the ball of the pen is exposed!!!!!!

    PEN RULE: Always set your pen down, before digging into your purse! PEN RULE: Don't hold your pen in your hand and dig around in your purse!

  12. Thanks for the tip...Well...Then the ink mark maybe set in already in that bag I want. But it's inside the bag. So...No one really will notice it. And...I just LOVE the style...It's not that bad of a mark...It's a Legacy Tote #7574 that I'm watching...:drool:

    You can see by the pictures the ink mark(Only issue with the bag)...The outside is in great shape...And for being used...I don't think it's a bad bag at all...I totally am so smitten...((((SIGH)))):girlsigh:

    Maybe I'll carry a makeup bag to hold my pens in or a wristlet...Like a nerd with a pencil protector in his front pocket...:rolleyes: I'll protect my bag at all costs...:angel:
    c7b7_12.jpg 23c9_12.jpg
  13. That bag is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool: I hope you win it!!!!!!!! Good luck!!!! :tup:
  14. IT IS ISN'T IT!!!:drool:
    Thanks Mommyville for the luck being sent my way...I'll need it. has three bids. (ALL 3 bids are by the same bidder:rolleyes:) The bidder is NEW to eBay. And hasn't bid over what I am willing to spend from looking at their past bidding history. So with that said...I'll take the luck your sending my way none the less...And will let you know...It don't end until Friday or Saturday night...Which is a bad time to end...Prices go higher on weekends. I am hoping the ink spot will keep some bidders from bidding on it. (I'm tyically picky myself. But it's an older style. And it'll have to be used to get one. And the outside appearance is in great shape!) I am always admiring this one woman's Coach totes at Church. Thus...I've been glancing at smaller totes from Coach. I just love the outer pockets...And the size is perfect!