does anyoone know the material on Dior, Gucci and LV?

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  1. Hi, I am newbie here. I found :idea: this website from goggle wesbite, which a long time ago I never thought :confused1: this existing at internet:sad: . Anyway here I found this interesting group discuss.

    Actually I want to ask, does anyone know what's material on Mono Canvas LV, Gucci and Romanticque Line Dior? I did ask them, but I didn't quite get it right!! :hysteric: Thanks

    PS: I hate LV mono Canvas due pale leather easily getting darker over time so I opt and bought Romantique Trotter tote (brown bag) and Gucci Shopping tote bag Brown strap too. Alas it makes me think that these leathers surface must be same because of 'coated' things!:confused1:
    I bought these bags see pictures attached I copy from elux and Gucci website:heart::love::heart:
    131220_F069R_4079.jpg small dior.jpg
  2. Hi CrazyLV!

    Welcome to TPF!!!

    I'm not too sure what material Gucci uses, but I know that LV and Dior both use coated canvas although they are slightly different. LV's coated canvas has a textured effect that almost looks like leather, while Dior's current coated canvas has a textured effect that resembles vertical and horizontal lines (like it's cotton canvas, but you can't pull the "threads" out of it because it's coated). As for the specific material that forms the coated canvas, I have no clue (maybe PVC? Maybe a certain type of vinyl?), but I do know that it can last for quite a while.

    I didn't know that LV's canvas tends to darken (I would expect it to lighten over time). Has anyone else with an LV experienced this?
  3. Nah, only the vachetta leather darkens over time. The coated canvas eventually gets thinner...:sad:
  4. thank you MayDay, for me these bag I love the 'coated' style :heart: instead fabric for example LV - monogram Mini, I have no idea :confused1: how taking care for its fabric in the case getting dirty
    Actually I have pre-used Josephine bag but I do still love its style bag :love:. I learned from its mistake :crybaby:, so I opt to 'coated' style which it's good invest to keep long lasting its bag.

    :shocked:however since bernz84 said that coated canvas eventually gets thinner, it's made me think wow!! there is no such thing a perfect bag to keep stay forever as brand new. that's clever designer, Marc Jacob know what's woman want to constantly change bag style over period!! :dots:
  5. You're very welcome!

    I guess that's the nature of all fabrics; eventually they all experience wear and tear. But I do find that designer fabrics are very high quality and last a lot longer than inexpensive mass market fabrics. I'v heard that LV coated canvas bags can actually last decades!!!
  6. Oh, CrazyLV, I didn't mean to incite fear! I have some vintage LV bags that are 20+ and they still look great! But I do notice that the bags that I use more frequently tend to have some monogram fading...but's really not that bad. It's a normal process as what MayDay says, of wear-and-tear...and it takes a lot longer for an LV to wear out as opposed to a lower-end bag.

    Gucci, Dior, and Burberry make coated-canvas bags...but I don't know how they compare to LV. I tried asking about this earlier, but I don't know if anyone seems to know (because I didn't get any responses, either). :sad: I'm anticipating on getting a Burberry soon, so I'll see then.

    Forgot to mention that old Fendi bags use coated canvas. And Goyard, Etro...might be leaving something out, but that's all I know...

    Welcome to the board, btw!
  7. sorry I don't know about Burberry as it's not my taste style

    bernz84, you didn't make me scare about that but it's nice to knowing about the effect of 'wear and tear'
    because at ebay website mostly I seen used bag which has darker leather there is no selling that 'monogram fading' as you mentioned before.

    wow you still do have a bag age for 20 years?, do you still love its style than current style (I mean similar style)?
  8. LV mono canvas is coated canvas that is one of the most durable materials out. I've never heard anyone mention it gets thinner over time though but I guess anything would if you use it constantly.

    The leather trim on mono canvas is vachetta and it is supposed to darken over time. Some ladies prefer that. You can treat the leather so that it stays light for a lil while longer but it is supposed to get darker.

    Maybe you should post your LV questions in the LV subforum so all those knowledgeable ladies can help you out.

    The mini mono line is non-coated canvas so you have to be extra gentle with it.

    Dior is coated canvas too for most styles but these also hold up well. I've had my Dior saddle forever and it still looks great.