does anyoone know the material on Dior and LV?

  1. Hi, I am newbie here. I found :idea: this website from goggle wesbite, which a long time ago I never thought :confused1: this existing at internet:sad: . Anyway here I found this interesting group discuss.
    Actually I want to ask, does anyone know what's material on Mono Canvas LV and Romanticque Line Dior? I did ask them, but I didn't quite get it right!! :hysteric: Thanks
  2. well the LV monogram canvas bags are just that canvas! They are coated though. The handles and trim are all leather...and on the monogram bags it is vachetta leather.

    As for Dior...I have no clue. Maybe the Dior subforum would be able to help on that one.
  3. The canvas on Vuitton bags are made from Egyptian cotton, which are then coated.

    As to Dior, it depends on the bag - definitely check in with the experts at the Dior forum for that ! :yes:
  4. thank you so much, I am looking at Dior form
  5. uhm, hi again. so basically that mono canvas and damier same leather isn't?
  6. ooppss... wrong re-type again
    no idea how to delete as whole :confused1:
  7. you can't delete really on this forum.

    but to answer your question, all monogram canvas, damier, multicolore and any limited editions (cerise, groom, cherry blossom, eye love, graffiti, etc etc) are all screen printed on the monogram canvas, which is therefore made of what ayla said, Egyptian cotton, which is then coated in a waterproof/protective coating/sealant. the only things that are leather are handles, trim, piping, and sometimes the zipper pull tab/leaf (depending on the bag).
  8. What Frozen said :yes:
  9. thanks for answer my questions, but I still didn't get it. somehow these luxury brand must be doing magic! due high quality in crafstman processing and I still didn't get the picture from basic material to ready made bag :confused1:
  10. well we dont know HOW they make the canvas so durable/long lasting and such high quality, but that's the material in it's essence. mind you, that LV makes all their products by hand, and things crafted by hand tend to be better made than mass produced items. like a ferrari. droool.
  11. Hi frozen, that's very true. :true:

    Alas I hate that pale leather getting darker for monogram canvas which I did research the selling used LV at ebay it makes me yuck! before to buy, so I opted to other brand which similar it 'coated' style.

    I do like monogram Damier but there is no bag style I like. I wish Saleya bag the strap should be a bit longer to enable to carry over shoulder :tender:

    I like to carrying bag over shoulder!!
  12. you can get damier special ordered in monogram bag styles if you saw some you liked. it just costs 30% more and takes about 4-6 months for them to make for you, but it's possible.
  13. Nola, I know that size but too big for me.
    I prefer to keep simple, chick and good size for my body (in the ratio). I don't want to damage my shoulder muscle if carrying big size bag that will me makes me think to put heaps stuff there :graucho:
  14. frozen, ugh!! :yucky: to order special custom
    I have to extra work to achieve that budget, no way!!

    because for instance, speedy monogram canvas for ages. now available speedy damier.

    so I prefer just wait and see if there is coming up style :drool: