Does anyone’s man also wear a matching LVoe bracelet to yours !??

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  1. #1 Feb 4, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
    So my husband is thinking of giving me the love bracelet for our wedding annv and valt day (both in feb).

    I’m thinking later I could maybe get him one but do any real guys (not celebs) wear them in real life ? Bonus points for any modeling pics on hubby :smile:
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  2. I’m not married. But also not a celebrity lol. I wear my love bracelet. I think it’s subtle enough to be truly unisex. Especially as they age and develop a patina.

    And my brother who is married has considered getting the love. But doesn’t like that he can’t take it off. So he is contemplating getting the JUC (which is what his wife has).
    But I think that goes to show married men can totally rock them too.
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  3. So you leave yours on all the time ?
  4. I do. But to be fair I’ve only had mine for 2 weeks haha. But yes. Wearing jewelry 24/7 doesn’t bother me. I prefer it that way. Put it on and forget about it.
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  5. Hi there! What a lovely idea to return his gift and wear the matching bracelets...
    Have you scrolled through the photos of the love bracelet threads here? I remember quite a few men are rocking this piece. Would you consider white gold, which some find more "masculine"?
    IMHO it was meant to be a piece worn by a couple in love. And I also find it very "unisex". But then in the end, you know your husband best. Does he wear any jewelry at all or a watch? Is he strictly the conservative type or more laid back and open to trying new things? These are the things I would ask myself.
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  6. I have a guy friend who wears one, his parents bought a Love Bracelet for him and all his siblings (another older sister and a younger brother). The entire family wear matching ones, I've never thought of it as weird, never saw anyone else think it was weird or even notice it.
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  7. benswife2007,
    My wife and I both wear matching (well kind of, hers has diamonds and mine is plain) WG loves. We got them them a couple of years ago to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary. I didn't like YG for me, and she already had a YG and RG, so WG was the way to go for both of us. I enjoyed wearing it so much I've since added a YG to celebrate another milestone! We've really enjoyed having a 24/7 celebration on our wrists. I'll get a picture soon - Bob

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  8. Here's a photo-
    I said that I didn't like YG for me, and I didn't at first. But when I tried a YG in combination with the WG I loved the look! Go figure...


  9. Looks beautiful !

    We went today and I got the love yellow and we got the matching love rings also :smile:
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  10. I have two male friends who own and wear the Love bracelet.
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  11. 475645FC-8776-42A4-909F-07886B88EFE1.jpeg 3C63C664-0D2F-4280-9A0B-E89042B6E58E.jpeg CB8FAE9B-D43E-4828-8F74-65A568C3B76B.jpeg A7ACB317-310D-4E0D-938F-E8B1993771E9.jpeg
    Hi, I am a man... not only do I wear a Love bracelet, but have been for over 30 years. I have the JUC, the Yurman Cable Classic, The Tiffany T block, Hermes Click Clack and the VCA magic bracelet
    Hi, I am a man married to a beautiful woman and I have been wearing my Love Bracelet for over 30 years.
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  12. Congrats on your new piece... I remember you saying that you wanted it and was going to get it. Enjoy it Brother !
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  13. I'll take my bonus points now... lol
  14. Thank you!
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