Does anyone's macy's store have a large parchment Carly?

  1. I have talked myself into this bag but need to order it from a store by phone to get the F&F discount. Has anyone seen this bag in their store and if so will you post here or PM me with the store's phone number? Thank you sooo much!! :yes: ;)
  2. no stores around here have it...i already tried. :p
  3. We don't even HAVE a Macy's here, not within a 150 mile radius! :sad:
  4. none of the macy's here have it i was so upset :sad: dillards has tons buy i dont like to buy bags from there
  5. I saw one on eBay, but it says it has some ink marks on it.
  6. Macys in NYC had one on display but it was pretty dirty. Not sure if they had any in stock.
  7. Nope, only the black and camel here.
  8. Welp, suppose I may have to pay full price from Coach. The website says they'll be out in May, just a few days away. Oh, well!!
  9. Hi! I'm pretty new here, and I can't quite figure out how to PM, so I guess I'll just post here.
    I saw one today at the Macy's in Montclair, CA. Their phone number should be (909) 621-3011.
    Hope I could help!
  10. Thanks everyone and thanks, Juniper, for the information!! I sincerely appreciate it!! :graucho:
  11. I think a macys I called had these but not the signature...
    Here's the number:

    I hope they have them?
    Macy's Walden Galleria
    4 Walden Galleria Drive
    Cheektowanga, NY 14225

    Actually which ones are the parchment carlys?

    Either of these?

    Leather or canvas?

  12. Macy's State Street in chicago has them. Sorry, I don't know the phone number. Good luck!
  13. Thanks for all your help everyone!! I tried to reply last night but my computer started acting up! I 'think' I've got one secured!! I went for medium rather than large! I was just too scared that large would be too big. I'll post once I know for sure that I have one!!