Does anyone's Gucci dustbags have a white lining?

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  1. I meant to ask this before. I bought a small black Gucci bag from Sak's. It didn't come with dustbag. They offered to give me another designer dustbag but I said I wanted a Gucci one. I went back a few months later and asked again if they had an extra one.. They gave me one but I just noticed the lining is white? So it's the same brown shiny GG fabric but lined in another white fabric? Is that strange? Does anyone else have this type of Gucci dustbag? I have 1 pair of shoes and about 4 Gucci bags and all of the dustbags are just the plain brown satin...
  2. I've never seen that either! Mine has no lining at all, just the reverse of the monogram.. that's interesting!
  3. ^^^ ME too! :shrugs:
  4. I never seen it before too...
  5. Me too.
  6. For my recent purchase of the "new britt medium boston bag" , the dustbag is different i'ts not their regular satin one but it's more of a cocoa color velvet texture like material...:shrugs:
  7. mssmelanie, I have a Gucci dustbag with the white lining. Mine came straight from the Gucci boutique when I bought an ivory patent leather Guccissima. The rest of my dustbags are plain. My SA said it was to protect the patent leather. Don't worry... :yes: Hope that helps!
  8. Lainey ~ Thanks! Yes.. It definitely puts my mind at ease. When I started reading the posts I was getting worried.. Then I saw yours. That would make sense to have the white lining protect patent leather.
  9. No problem! Enjoy your new bag!!!
  10. ditto
  11. good info. Gucci used to have plain white cotton felt bags , later it progressed to shiny brown monogram and there were also those shiny brown plain ones. I have never seen the white lining too.. the last patent bag I bought was from Gucci is I suppose 2002... bad bad purchase as the $1000 bag was left with its handle against the patent leather side ( my sis the culprit) and the mark of the handle outline ETCHED onto the patent leather. still don;t know what to do with the bag !
  12. Ive never seen that, but if it came from Saks....

    maybe its something new they're doing. :confused1:
  13. Some current Gucci still come in the white cotton sleeper bags. Depends on the bag, line, etc.
  14. Good to know about the patent! Smart!
  15. I just got my Gucci bag I ordered from BG today. My dustbag had the white lining in it too.