Does anyone.........?

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  1. Does anyone have this bag? Has anyone seen it IRL? Thx for any info. image.jpg
  2. I have seen this bag in cream color and ebano, but never tried it.
  3. I have seen it at NM (Stanford Shopping Center). I didn't try it on, but I do like it's simplicity with that touch of lacing.
  4. I ordered that bag about a year ago in a dark red color. It is huge! I thought I was going to love and I do love the look of it, just wish it was a little smaller.
  5. I seem to remember this bag
    I have not tried it on
    it is huge
    and if I remember right this strap is not that flexible
    it's cervo
  6. There is a picture of it on someone in the celeb thread I think.
  7. I saw it and tried it yesterday at NM in San Francisco. I prefer a longer than a wider bag - hence my love of the cervo hobo. I did not like the feel of the strap. It was too stiff and did not stay put on my shoulder. This is a bag you really need to try on before buying.
  8. There are several on eBay right now - that 8" depth would make it very large.
  9. I've tried on this bag and thought it was too large for me but for someone who loves larger bags it might be nice. I thought the strap was a little narrow given the dimensions of the bag and that it wasn't very comfortable and didn't stay on my shoulder or mold to my body like the cervo hobo does.
  10. I have this bag in white and black. It is called the Loop. Obviously I like it a lot! I don't like the other cervo hobo because I prefer bags that are wider rather than tall. I also have a predecessor to this bag in grey. (Similar shape, but it has metal rings where the strap attaches. The current design has leather loops, which is nicer.)

    The strap on my white one is very soft, while the strap on the black one is stiffer (it must have some kind of lining inside to stiffen it). The straps don't stay on my shoulder very well, but I have very sloping shoulders and nothing, absolutely nothing stays on, so I'm used to that. (I'm quite jealous that other people don't have bags slide off their shoulders!) The strap is flat and fairly padded; I don't find it uncomfortable even when I'm carrying a lot.

    I love the way it folds in half when worn - very slouchy. It is definitely a casual hobo. I guess it it fairly large.
  11. I happened to see this bag today. It is very wide and quite open.. I don't know if you noticed but the bottom of the outside has a diamond pattern in intreciatto. It is also very deep.. It was locked in the store so I did not try it on. I must say it is very pretty but I don't know how functional it is.
  12. Just got this bag in tangerine.... Very slouchy and comfortable on the shoulder, similar to the cervo baseball hobo in terms of depth.