Does anyone

  1. own a Tylie Malibu handbag?

    I am thinking of buying one but I just wanted to know what others thought of them and how much you like yours.
  2. Anyone own any bags from Tylie Malibu?
  3. Illini3, I don't own any Tylie Malibu, but I like the colors of some of their suede bags. Nordstrom SAs said that their bags are very popular.
  4. I saw a bunch at Nordstrom the other day...I think they got popular on some tv show and they were written about in People.
  5. I do I do!

    and yes I love it by the way...
  6. I purchased two a few years back. I think they are quite cute. I bought my first at Kitson in LA and then special ordered one from the site.
  7. I like them - cute and very practical.