Does anyone...

  1. find cute Chanel shoes to match your bags?? I am usually not too matchy, but I love Chanel shoes and don't have any. I'm thinking some cute ballet flats to match one of my bags would be nice...Anyone have pics of bags with the shoes that match next to them?:smile:
  2. Actually I do. They r in my group pic on the far left. I just got them at Neimans in Short Hills. They are black flats with cc in front and have silver sort of chain (matches the chain on bags, lol) above the ccs. I love them. Went up 1/2 size too. They had all diff styles when I was there. I am sure they could send you pics.
  3. I used to have a pair of the cambon ballet flats. If I wore them with my cambon tote, I always felt a little too matchy matchy, but that's just me.
  4. i have two pairs of chanel flats: all black with the patent toe & tan with the blk leather toe. :heart: 'em!

    i am not sure if i will wear them with my bag or not...(still need to decide on a bag before the increase).
  5. i love chanel shoes as much as i love the bags. i don't have anything too matchy matchy but i do wear them together. i'll have to take some pics of how i put them together!
  6. I have wide feet so I can never find cute shoes to fit
  7. I have alot of CHANEL shoes(I think they are the best qUAlity!),but I try NOT to be matchy matchy...I am funny about that!
  8. I wish I could....:sad:
  9. I don't have matching shoes, but I do love the ballet flats and wear them often cause they r so cute and comfortable.