does anyone...

  1. own the mini classique' or the mini shoulder? can you please post pictures of the bags and the bags on you? i cannot quite picture the size and style of the bags

  2. no?
  3. Is this what you were thinking of?
  4. 0o0o0 cute!!!
  5. can you pleaseee post pictures of the bag on you? how big is it?

  6. wow they are tiny and so cute! wat can u fit in theM?
  7. I don't have these purses anymore. I do a lot of buying and selling on eBay and these were some of my first profit-makers :shame: I wish I knew then what I knew now because I don't think I would have sold them for so cheap- or at all for that matter! Who would have known those two colors became so popular!! I have just regular pictures I posted on the auctions if you'd like to see those.
  8. It was very small. In my opinion not very practical. There are some pictures with my hands in it to give you an idea :flowers:
  9. Here is the eggplant
  10. Oooh, so cute!!! I love those 2 colours, esp the eggplant. Would be nice for a nite purse rather than a day bag.
  11. Great for evening! And just love the eggplant!
  12. AAHHH Jag!!! You managed to sneak in:ninja:, lol! So great to see you around:flowers:. How goes your Paddy shopping?

    Don't you just love that eggplant Mini? :love:
  13. Those are so cute!
  14. and how about the mini shoulder? does anyone have pictures of it?
  15. Too CUTE! :heart: