Does anyone....

  1. Does anyone have a "bag network" where you buy different pieces and your mother, sister or friend buy the "other bag" so you increase your accessible collection?

    I noticed last night just how many bags and shoes between my mom, sister and I get passed around. I was wondering if anyone else has their own network.
  2. I wish, that would be such a great idea. I tend to be the only one in the family who loves handbags and assessories, except one of my daughters who is too young.
  3. we can always share...HEHE...
  4. I don't have anyone to share with, everyone just wants mine!
  5. My sister is just getting into designer bags. She bought my large Gucci horsebit from me (at a family discount of course!) so I could purchase my new Chanel Modern Chain tote. So essentially, she paid for half the MC; otherwise I would not have been able to afford it.
  6. My mom, sister and I network. In fact my sister's co-worker went to Europe and bought an epi pochette wallet and didn't want it anymore, so I bought it! At a discount too!
  7. i wish....
    they didn't know my habit and probably would kill me if they knew LOL