Does anyone work in a collection agency?

  1. What do you do when someone has called you with a fraudulent act of the company that you are collecting for? Can you ruin someone's credit without their SIN number? And what if the company that hired you are clearly running a scam? What do you do and what can the consumer do?

  2. Oh my god. What a horrible situation to be in. I take it this is your employer? I have never done collections, but this is what I'd do if I was in the situation...

    First of all, I'd get out of there ASAP. I know it's easier said than done, and you will not get a reference but then again, it doesn't sound like the kind of company you would be proud to have on your resume!

    Secondly, stop using your real name when doing collections and use an allias. Just call yourself Mary Smith or whatever when chasing peeople.

    Third, if you strongly feel you are doing something illegal, contact a lawyer NOW and learn about what your options are.

    Good luck!
  3. oh no. I'm on the other end. I'm the one getting the calls.

    I have a post on the eBay section about the collection agencies calling me in regards to a fraudulent transaction that was made over paypal. Yet, they fulling believe that they are doing the right thing even though all evidence proves that they are just complying with a scammer.

    I just don't know what to do and whether or not I should take it seriously. I have read many articles that paypal's user agreement is so horribly written that it's barely legal. I can see many contradictions with them, however, they are not going to stop harassing me for this money that I should not even be owing!

    I just wanted to know how the collection agency works... and whether or not they can ruin my credit without my SIN number?
  4. I understand now. I know your credit history is linked to your SSN in the USA but I have no idea about Canada. Sorry I can't help more, I didn't realize you were Canadian.
  5. Thanks. :smile:

    Also does anyone find it to be normal/fair practice that an agency will basically settle for a smaller amount?

    In the likes of "If you give me 50%, consider yourself off the hook?" to me it seems very fishy if it were a legitimate collection agency... I would always thought they would only settle for all of it.
  6. Can you contact your local government or maybe a better business bureau sort of place? Not really sure what they have in Canada. I have NEVER heard collection agencies settling for less.

    This whole thing seems a bit fishy! be careful!
  7. my understanding is the collection agency buys the debt at a small percentage of the value, say 10%, so if they collect 50% they have made their money back several times over.

    i'm not positive if that is how it works, maybe somebody works in the business and can tell you more
  8. OK thanks. I will call the bbb tomorrow. Basically when they called and I told them in the Fair Debt Collections Act of British Columbia they need only call if they have proof of the debt. I don't believe that they have received it from the company that hired them.

    Also, I highly doubt the company would come after me for this "chunk change" that I have. It's $3000.00 to me it's a lot but to them it's pennies.

    Because they bought part of the debt are they allowed to take me to court? Or is it the original company only allowed to take me to court? If they would like to fly out here, I'd be more than happy (and so would millions) to see me fight this horrible company.
  9. I replied to your other post, but I will reply to this as well. The collection agency was chasing after me, too. They made personal attacks to me over the phone including swearing and saying things like you're lazy, irresponsible...a stupid person, etc, etc. They would call incessantly. Like every day. Finally I told them to stop calling me. The guy said so I admit guilt and it will go on my record for ever. I didn't answer...he kept asking and finally I just hung up. They stayed away for almost a year before calling again. Again, same thing.

    However, last time I applied for credit, my score seemed to be just fine.

    Is this NCO Financial that is calling you? They are seriously sketchy! I cannot believe the way they act.
  10. Is that who contacted you? That is horrible! That goes against the Fair Debt Collections Act (which I'm still reading up). I am hoping the next time they hound me they put me in that place. They just want to scare you into sending money... gah!
  11. ^ Yes. And they count on the fact that 99% of the people they contact are so desperately in debt and ashamed of their situation that they do NOT know their rights and will NOT report them. And the few that do...well, it's inconsequential to them, unfortunately. :/

  12. :yes: That's how it works in the US at least. My Dh is in the finacial industry. They will settle and it goes on your credit as settled. Before you pay them however get a letter in writing stating that the account will be settled for less.
  13. the reason they started calling again is because you debt was probably sold to another company. It goes from company to company. And they CAN legally say some interesting things. However, they cannot threaten to sue unless they actually mean it. Sometimes the companies who the credit is through stil actually OWNS the debt but placed it with another company to collect.
  14. ^ it seems to be the same company because they gave the same company name. so that's weird.
  15. Hm. I'm still looking up links. I'm not sure if I'm just blind but I cannot find them in the BBB. However, I can find other locations in BC and such, and they have quite a few complaints.

    Because this is through paypal and I have not received any documents in proof of the actual amount owed, I'm not sweating it. I've been reading quite a few articles and the people who actually deal with the accounts have no real documents to show.

    I also emailed a credit card company to see if a charge back is considered valid even if the merchandise isn't returned. This could be theft which the collections agency is condoning isn't it?

    It is a messy situation, but for some reason I'm not nervous. For some reason, I feel their bluff...=T I hope I'm not wrong.