Does anyone work at the GAP as sales (part time)?

  1. Hi ladies!

    Please although I'm in the financial background, I thought doing a retail job part time before I find my 'proper' job would be a fun way to spend the time....does anyone of you all work at the GAP? How is it?
    And, what kinda attire do you wear for interviews like these? :shrugs:

  2. ^^ are you going to the group interview? I was offered a seasonal position as a SA last summer but turned it down for BBW. I've had friends who worked at the Gap--the discounts are pretty fabulous (50% off a certain number of items each month then 30% off everything after you reach the max items for 50%). I wore a Gap corduroy blazer (I think the one Veronica Mars has) and brown suede Prada boots with a brown leather skirt I believe.

    good luck!
  3. thanks uhkiwi! it sounds like fun (the discounts) I wonder if it applies to BR too since it's owned by the same company?
    well..thanks for the tips..I'm not sure if I'm going tomorrow..hehe
  4. Hi minami. I worked part time at the Gap in college (several years ago). The discount is the best part of the job! You only get the 50% discount at the Gap, but you can get 30% off at BR and Old Navy (I'm assuming this hasn't changed since I worked there). I never made much money, because the pay isn't great and I was always buying things with my discount, but it wasn't a bad job. I just wore Gap clothing to my interview - nothing fancy - just jeans and a sweater.