does anyone work at Abercrombie and Fitch?

  1. 1 week ago, i went into AF with a friend to purchase a gift certificate for my younger brother, who is in college. this was the FIRST time i ever stepped into the store. while i was there, i was approached by their scout and their manager, who asked me for my # and asked me to work there. i was hesitant bc im in law school so i do not have much time. they told me that it would be FINE and i can even just go in once a month.

    i admit, i was taken by the "once a month" statement...i think i have time once a month to work there....afterall, it is in the mall!! i would love to make extra money and be near the mall...hahaha :p :p ....and, not to mention, my little brother is extremly happy about the prospect of me working there bc i can give him discounts...;)

    anyhow, i went in for a group interview today (the manager called me ) and
    the manager seemed really nice and was accomdating to me bc i told her i have limited time since i am a model so sometimes i cant come in bc i have go sees..etc..she was super sweet and assured me its tempted!!!

    i am wondering if anyone here ever worked there, and what did u think of it? did u enjoy it? what did u have to do? do they make u wear their clothes? this is a big deal to me bc i am NOT AN AF STYLE GAL!! i wear catherine maladrino dresses, prada boots, and carry chanel purses...i dont think i resmble the AF look at all!! i think i would die if they asked me to wear cropped denim with flip flops!!! also, how was the pay? we didnt discuss pay today at all..

    thanks in advance!! :yes:
  2. i don't work at AF but if you browse you'd find your answers along with mine

    most AFs pay minimum. downtown AFs get more. one reason why i don't work there. pay sucks.

    discount is somewhat good, 30% off if you get it for your brother, 50% off for yourself

    and you are definitely "encouraged" to wear AF clothing/style if you know what i mean...

  3. "encouraged?" lol....yea..i get it....thank so you much ms whitney!! i will check out the link u posted! :p
  4. I've worked there for about 2 years on and off. IMO it's the best retail job you can find. You basically stand around, fold clothes, and talk/help customers. The hours are extremely flexible and you can work 1 day a month if you want to. The environment is really great too because the music makes you feel like you're in a club, and AF is known for hiring attractive young people (the oldest manager at the store I work at is about 26). You're required to wear their clothes to work, but they have a great variety to choose from. Every day is like a fashion show and there really isn't much stress. They really push the flip flops, but you can get away with wearing Converses...and I have not worn a pair of cropped pants since I was 12, I can't stand them either. The only downside I can think of is that sometimes the girls get a little catty, but the guys are usually pretty cute to make up for it. If you're looking for an upbeat, social "meet market" workplace environment, I say go for it. Oh and you mentioned that you're a model...that'll score you many points from the male managers, meaning that you can get away with slacking off sometimes. :smile:
  5. It depends where your store is located. Mine is in NYC so they pay $9.00 an hour, but in a mall you will make less.

    The discount is 30% no matter what you use it on. Managers get 40%. You aren't allowed to use it on anyone else, so if your brother wants stuff you have to buy it for him.
  6. ^^ THANK YOU SPOILEDkiwi!! that was alot of useful info!

    i have no problem buying stuff for my brother...hehe..he is 18 so i think AnF is perfect for him.

    one question, r u serious about the sandals/converse sneaker thing??? bc honestly, (i know this sounds bad ) but i ALWAYS wear heels!! i can do the jeans/t shirt..casual luxury thing...but i dont think i can survive in flip flops! i always feel like heels complete an outfit...although flip flops probably are ALOT BETTER for my feet!!

  7. Oh no! You're only allowed to wear flip flops or Converses. I once saw a girl come in with heels and they asked her if she was crazy and made her buy a pair of flip flops to work in. They give you lockers, so maybe you can just change into the flip flops for the 6 hours, then put your heels back on.
  8. omg really??? i think that grl would sound like the future

    does it have to be like actual flip flop flip flop??? or can i wear like cute gucci flats....or like a CL sandal, that is flat?

    Christian Louboutin -  Woven Thong Sandal -  Neiman Marcus

    Giuseppe Zanotti -  Crystal Flat Thong Sandal -  Neiman Marcus
  9. IMO, a&f is just a joke. there clothes are absolutly hedious and over priced. 99% of the people who work there dont care, have not the slightest clue as to what customer service is and they are pretty much all kids who work there. if you are going to law school, Id suggest keeping it professional and finding an internship at a law firm. Something that would be useful to your career and not working at a teeny bopper store.
  10. teeny kno whats funny? the day they approached me, i told them im too old (im 23) and i just kinda chuckled bc i never thought i would tell others im too old...hahaa....but they said they have older pp there...but, thats besides the point bc ur right, i dont see AnF as a career goal at all, and i dont even wear their clothes! the only reason why i am even contemplating is bc they said i can just work ONE day a month...and the schedules are VERY flexible. i wouldnt mind making extra money one day a month. but ur right, i AM currently looking for an internship at a law firm. I worked at one last year...but i am also trying other opportunities......if i get any opportunities in the legal field, i will def pursue that and put all others (modeling, AnF) aside.
  11. Miss Alice - sorry they have to be traditional flip flops, I think you could get away with the style of the Zanotti ones, but they can't have crystals.

    weardasamethin- People that work at AF are at least 18, not exactly what I consider kids. And I don't think anyone looks at it as a serious job, but when you're looking for an easy job with extremely flexible hours it's great. I don't know what your experience has been with the company, but you shouldn't trash the majority of people that work there.
  12. my friend works there. VERY flexible hours and she has a great time because she basically does nothing. She greets people at the front, folds maybe 40 shirts the entire time, and just walks around talking to customers.

    they really push 'beachy california' style, meaning, rubber flipflops or yes, at most converse sneakers. people who work there wear their jeans/denim mini with a polo, henley layered over tank, or their A&F sweatshirt.
  13. Honestly Miss Alice, I do not see AnF as your type of store AT ALL. Even though they are flexible with their schedule, I dont think you'll like the "uniform" that they make you wear when you're working and if there is even one thing you don't like about your work environment, you're not going to enjoy it. The pay is not that great and I find the loud music quite annoying (spoiledkiwi, do you guys ever get complaints about the music?)

    If you really want something to do in your free time, maybe try looking around at stores that are more your style and see if they are hiring any on-call sales associates
  14. ^^^ The one I work at is a stand-alone store, so no. But sometimes little old ladies come in, then immediately cringe and put their hands over their ears while running out. I guess that counts as a complaint. :smile: