Does anyone work at a Fashion Magazine?

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  1. Just out of pure curiousity does anyone work at a fashion magazine? If so what's it like?? I've become so intrigued about "fashion magazine life" ever since I watched THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and the series, UGLY BETTY!!:yes:
  2. I would love to work for a fashion magazine......part of the reason why I watched "the hills" on MTV, just because Lauren had an internship at Teen Vogue !
  3. OMG me too, I love the Hills, its my fave show :nuts:
  4. The Hills is brilliant, do not think its on at the moment.....
  5. I have to see this movie!!! The devil wears prada!!
  6. I dont work there, but one of my bestfriends works for Redbook.. (general women stuff, not THAT much fashion, but its covered..) and she said its sooo much like the Devil Wears Prada, in a more toned down, organized way. All are fashion obssessed and have over 100 pairs of designer shoes (which is perfectly acceptable)
  7. I used to be associated with fashion magazines -- I bought advertising space in them. It was great because even though I was making an entry level salary, I went to the best restaurants and spas in the city because all the magazine sales reps took me wherever I wanted to go!
  8. All I know about fashion mags is that I want my jewelry to be featured in one! lol :roflmfao:

    And I really want to see that movie! (Devil wears Prada)

  9. Really? That sounds really cool! Sorry to ask but do you think you could give me more details about life working at a fashion magazine because I'm really interested in it and it's a career that isn't as widespread as say real estate!
  10. My dad works at one of the top photo retouching company in the US,and he works closley with Conde Nast. He retouches american Vogue & Vogue Living . Yea, In my house there is an abundance of Vogue's =]. He hears alot of Anna Wintour stories,and he tells me all of them they are funny. Once his friend that retouched Vogue living came into a meeting a half hour late,and he was wearing jeans (it was a friday),and Anna Wintour just gave him a mean gaze for 20 min..gotta :heart: her
  11. The people I was associated with were either sales reps or publishers. From what I could see, they were definitely under a lot of pressure to look good and take their advertisers (people like me at the time) to the swankiest places in the city. They were responsible for making a lot of sales and were required to write a lot of proposals, often with very short notice. It seemed like a very high pressure job but since their salaries were mainly based on commission, it was in their best interests to really work hard. In a large city where I work, this was a good 7 years ago, but at that time the top salespeople were making well over six figures. It is definitely the type of job for those who thrive on a fast-paced environment.

    If you're more at an entry level, you would probably have to start out as an assistant and then work yourself into a sales position. Of course, it would depend on the publication and whether or not you're in a large sales region. If you're interested in a specific magazine, look in the latest issue and see where the sales offices are (this info will be near the front and in small print). You may be able to call the office directly and see what their hiring policies are. Good luck!
  12. :P More stories !!!!!!
  13. Thanks for the information!!! :yes: But to tell the truth I'm more interested in what it's like to work at the actual magazine like Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, etc. Thank you soo much though!!!:smile: :smile:
  14. i would love to work ata fashion mag!
  15. Yes, more stories Jadore!!!