Does anyone where I can find cheap airline tickets???

  1. i know there is expedia....but anywhere else anyone would recomend??

    (p.s I am in Canada and want to go on vacation in the US)
  2. Well I'm in the US and I always check:


    I usually look for a package deal (airfare + hotel + sometimes rental car) and those websites are very helpful.
  3. I've used I flew roundtrip to Frankfurt from Denver on Lufthansa for a mere $500 when I booked through them.
  4. I paid $475.00 (not the cheapest, I know, but it's not bad!) for my ticket which took me from Deroit --> NYC --> Toronto, Canada last week.

    You can also get some great deals off the other sites that love,bags mentioned above. If you're still a student, look into STA travels. Hope this helps! :biggrin:
  5. I used all the websites mentioned above for research, and I check the airlines websites - sometimes they offer the same cheap price on their websites and you don't have to pay the $5 service fee. And not to mention they have occassional sales on the websites.

    Don't forget Priceline but I've never bought airline tickets there. There are certain risks you have to take when you go with Priceline.
  6. sign up for the various airlines' weekly newsletter and check Fodor Travel Wire. In March Fodor found that Lufthansa had roudtrip tickets from NYC to London for $159!!
  7. I use Orbitz the most. The list above includes all websites that I'd use!
  8. Oops, I forgot to mention that I bought last week's ticket from Orbitz. Sorry, I'm a dummy :biggrin:
  9. If you're flexible on dates, I like to use the Orbitz flexible dates search and it gives you a chart of everything available...

    I check everything though.

    Oh, I don't knwo if they still work, but and check every site and then tell you who has the best. I haven't used those in a while though. Haven't had to search for airfare much since my bf got a job at one... just fly for fee :-P
  10. i agree. i recently purchased my round trip ticket to vegas thru travelocity. they had the best price. good luck.
  11. I do the same thing as TravelBug does...Orbitz first then airline's website later. For last minute airfares, you can also check out every Wed (or subscribe to them) when they publish last minute deals. I used to use Priceline and got some pretty good deals with them.
  13. These are the same ones I use. Once you get here, and want to get around in the US you should also consider:

    Those two have great discounted fares if you book in advance.

    Southwest has many FUN FARES for about $49 each way!

    Have fun! :smile:
  14. in college i did well with
  15. try compares all other sites fares if u use the supersearch option