Does anyone wear Petit Bateau

  1. I came across some on blue fly
    recently i picked up some tank tops from ya ya but wasn't too crazy about them...

    this is the description i got from
    Petit Bateau, the famous French childrens label, were forced to make larger sizes when the world's top models began to raid their shelves. The range of cotton Tees are made with a high quality cotton that won't loose their shape after multiply cycles in the washing machine.
    Wear with everything, though be careful - once you`ve bought one, you'll want them all!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]"

    sounds very comfy...

    i did a search but not much came back. anyone with opinions?

    how does sizing run? i checked on their website and it sounds like i would fit a 16Y - M

    i wear a size us4. is that rite?
  2. yes, i've bought their stuff in the past. 16yo sounds about right, but height is also a factor. some of their items are a bit square and not very long. really helps to try it on in person. i have 2 coats from them that are 14y size and they fit me fine, but i got a long sleeve t as a gift once in 18y size and it felt snug.
  3. OOOh mememe! I LOVE their cotton tops. LOVE!! Ok sorry, bit too enthusiastic there!

    I am an Aussie size 10 and I wear the 16 in Petit Bateau.

    Anyway, I noticed you are in Sydney. Maybe you should go and try some on in person? There is a store in Mosman on Military Road that sells tons of their tops (I can't remember the name!!!) and also stores in Paddington and the Eastern suburbs.
  4. i agree with hiheels. i bought some of their shirts in the past, but nowadays i'm finding them a bit short. (but then again, i'm really into longer cut shirts)

    i'm a size 2 US and bought the 16yo size. good luck!
  5. I have an incredible collection of Petit Bateau
    love the quality
    I wear size 18 y ,in US size 10 , in french size 40
    I think,the quality is really better than C&C for exemple
  6. I'm so glad you reminded me of these- I used to LOVE petit bateau, but never see them around anymore, where I live! They're awesome, they wash great!
  7. I love their cotton tops. I have several, in different colours and shapes, and they are just wonderful! Highly recommended!
  8. I love their tshirts !!! I wear 14y and 16y and I am normally size S.....
    It lasts so long.....I had that brand as a child, and grew up with it. Seriously I kept 1 tshirt for 8 years, and a night shirt for......17 years !!!!! The actual quality might not be as strong but still good !!
  9. bought 1 tee when i was in high school..loved it..but can't find adult line here in HK, however i buy it for my dd and ds..they're so cute and comfy.
  10. I have zillions of them, they're a staple over here.

    Their site is here, and I think it has a sizing guide.
  11. Women in NYC have been wearing Petit Bateu t shirts for years...they are the softest and most comfortable. Many fashion execs swear by them. I have been wearing them for some 20 years.