Does anyone wear Grail T-shirts?

  1. I just bought a couple of Grail t-shirts and noticed that there are really tiny holes in them. The label attached to the inside of the shirt said that the t-shirt has been treated to look vintage and that slight irregularities such as holes will occur. I have a hard time believing that these miniscule holes on the shirt are supposed to be there (they look like they were eaten by moths!) The holes aren't really visible when you wear the t-shirt . . . only when you inspect really closely. My main concern is that these supposedly "intentional" holes will get bigger once you wash them. Does anyone have Grail t-shirts that could let me know how they hold up in the wash? :blink:
  2. I have some grail tee's with the same thing- and I felt the same way at first too- but that is how some of their shirts are!! Weird right? But I do love their shirts- and the holes have not grown at all :smile:
  3. I have a couple Grail tees too. My black one has the tiny holes along the bottom hem line. They haven't gotten any bigger with washing.
    They're sooo comfy!
  4. Okay, that's good to know that the holes really are normal and won't get any bigger. So I'll keep my tees! Thanks, girls!
  5. I have a Grail tee as well - btw. I would only recommend hand washing the tees - the paint seems to come out in the water. Mine doesn't have any holes though - hmm.
  6. I have Grail tanks and mine don't have any little holes. Maybe I haven't been looking closely enough!
  7. I had some I got rid of because they weren't relly "me". I tend to really like the Italian designers like D&G and Cavalli. When I purchased mine new at the store it had holes in it,and my helpful hubby said for what I paid I could have had something nice and he would give me his 'changing oil" tshirt for free.:Push:
  8. mine have teeny tiny holes.
  9. i have several shirts and a couple have tiny holes, they haven't gotten bigger. i love grail :smile:
  10. I have a Grail tank with little holes. When I was buying the shirt, the description even stated that they have holes in certain areas to obtain the distressed look.
  11. I'm not sure if they all have black one does, but my green one doesn't.
    I wash mine in the washing machine, inside out, cold water. Then in the dryer on delicate.
    No problems so far....I've had 'em about 4 months and wear them ALOT!
  12. I love Grail hoodies and I'm looking for sites that sell them. Any suggestions? I know Revolve has them but they're out right now.
  13. Its perfectly normal. I have a grail tshirt and saw others that have lil rips on the bottom hem line as well.
  14. Saw a hoddie on
  15. my grail t-shirts have some tiny holes on them too