Does anyone wear both Kellys and Lindys? How differently do you dress with these two?

  1. I was thinking that the Lindy is so so different from the Kelly, and wondering if a Kelly lover could also be a Lindy lover, and vice versa. I'm also wondering how differently someone who loves both bags dresses when when carrying them...
  2. I have a Lindy but want a Kelly. I would say, like all things H, what outfit worn with a bag depends on the skin and shape. IMHO, I consider a sellier kelly more of a dress bag worn with a suit or dress whereas a retourne kelly could be both dress and casual and a lindy is more casual.
  3. I have a 32 Sellier Kelly and a 30 Lindy, I love both.

    With the Kelly, I'm typically more dressed up, dress shirt, trousers and jacket. Formal

    With the Lindy, I'm in sweaters, tweeds, jeans and corduroys. Casual

    Hope that helps.
  4. Hello, answer your thoughtful question in a backwards sort of way, I don't dress any particular way with any particular Hermes bag.

    For example, this morning, I was wearing my denim levi shorts, blue jean Hermes belt with gold H, white t-shirt, Nikes and HAC 28 in Havanne evergrain.

    On Tuesday, I wore this same HAC with: dark blue denim dress with turned up sleeves, black H belt, & black cole hahn boots to a lunch meeting with some of the most powerful heads in the city.

    Same outfit as above was worn a few days before with a black box Kelly 25 with gold/hw ( to match the buckle on my black box H belt )

    So, I've worn the same dress with both the Evergrain HAC and the Black Box Kelly. I also wear my black box Kelly with the shorts outfit above.

    Maybe it's just sassy confidence when I feel that I can wear any Hermes with anything:yes: or maybe I'm getting old and senile:shrugs:

    I don't just run out the door sight unseen in all these combinations. I do check myself out in full length my eyes, it all has to come together....if it doesn't, I exchange what isn't working.

    I've been known to head across the house to my purse closet, and exchange one bag for another and/or change shoes.
  5. With my Kelly I tend to think slightly harder about what I'm wearing, whereas the Lindy (34cm in Black Clemence) I pretty much just throw on and go. These days, as a SAHM, my version of dressing up is pretty much a trench, jeans, wedges and a Kelly or Birkin for appointments/meetings, lunches, and casual dinners.

    The Lindy works with the aforementioned attire as well as if I'm in jeans and a hoodie going to Starbucks or the market so I think it's quite versatile. Now, having said that, although I love my Lindy, nothing can replace the unique allure of a Kelly/Birkin in my mind and I do miss them when I'm not carrying them.
  6. I don't have a Lindy but have both Kelly/Birkin and think the Lindy swings more towards the Birkin in ability to be worn both dressy and casual. With my Kellys I always make a point to only carry them when dressing up. Mine are black box leather so this factors in as well as they just don't go with my cargo pants and t-shirts. Whereas I really see Birkins and Lindys easily transitioning between dresses and shorts.
  7. i own both styles - it was the kelly 1st then i fell hard for the lindy as it seems to be the most practical hermes bag tt i can carry everyday without any worries...

    kelly is for 'pretty' days - when i am more dolled up... (so its not used so often)

    i have gotten my lindy very recently & it has been just been P-E-R-F-E-C-T for casual days (i wear lots of denim, summer dresses & shorts) - i have been carrying it everyday & simply love it to bits!

    in some ways, i feel that the lindy is a better 'value for money' as I will get more mileage vs. price tag paid - I can carry it anywhere becos its versatile to wear on hand or sling on my shoulders + it goes under the 'radar' as not many pple even know its a hermes bag!!!. :biggrin:
  8. For me, the color of the bag is what makes the difference.