Does anyone watch "Kyle XY"?

  1. I'm embarassed to admit this, but I watch this show :shame: . I got completely sucked in since there wasn't anything interesting on Monday nights (but now that Prison Break is back on...).

    Does anyone else here watch this? I also stayed with it because Nicholas Lea from the "X-Files" is on it.
  2. I am hooked also.
  3. I've seen a poster for it. What is it about?
  4. My 10 year old got me hooked into watching it..LOL..Its actually pretty good..PHH hates it though...
  5. It's about this teenager who was found in the woods with amnesia. He is placed into this foster home (home of this psychologist/therapist assigned to help him figure out who he is). He is super-smart and strangely without a belly-button. It shows him slowly intergrating into society and experiencing some teenage angst. As the season progessed, the show is suggesting that he is part of a super-secret experiment (?), and the person who we thought was out to get him is really trying to protect him.

    The finale is next Monday.