Does anyone watch Issac?

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  1. My favorite new show - he is a riot- I'd like him to be my best friend. I always pick up a few good ideas from watching him.
  2. What channel and when is he on?
  3. He's on "The Style Network" whatever that might be in your area - It's on 3 times a day, they repeat it. He has models, celebrities, famous New York Chefs, designers, make up artists etc. It's an hour show, NYC based.
  4. Did anyone see the Gastineau girls episode where they were on his show. They were struggling as first with him, but it turned out cute. I hate those girls, but I tend to watch their show from time to time! Ha. I haven't watched Issac yet but I should!
  5. Oh I love watching's usually on right as I step through the door after a long day of work. I like watching him more than some other "entertainment" shows on at that time (7pm in my area). I love his enthusiasm.
  6. Finally someone who enjoys that show like I do!!! I learn so much from that show.
  7. I like the free-form format of the show, and that he seems to have a really good rapport with his staff (that could be all show and he's really a bastard) but he comes across as a guy who loves what he does and is having a lot of fun. And that counts for a lot in my entertainment book.
  8. sometimes when i can catch him. he's so corky! i love his Target clothes. Their my guilty pleasure. ;)
  9. I saw that Megs, it was so funny when Isaac asked "So where does all the money come from" I wondered that too. Not a big fan of the GG either, the daughter is gorgeous but vacuous!