Does anyone watch 'Damages' - know the wardrobe designer?

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  1. Hi we are just finishing the first season of Damages here in the Europe (well in the UK but I am in France and watch via satellite!) and I think it's great. It actually has rounded characters and stimulation, you have to actually think while you watch it (well especially if you missed the first 3 episodes like me!- travelling :Push:smile:

    I think the cast are all great especially Glen C and the great young Australian actress, Rose Byrnes :tup:.

    Rose Byrnes wardrobe is really great in the show - I have watched the credits and there's no mention that I can see. Does anyone know who the designer is. I was thinking Armani or Hoss Intropa (sp) but it could be an American label. :girlsigh:

  2. I don't know the designer, but am REALLY looking forward to the next season. I bought the DVD for season 1 to rewatch all episodes right before the new season.
  3. Hi yes we just saw the last episode last night - we have to wait till next year for the 2nd season. It's great isn't it? I love Rose (Ellen) clothes they all have a look about them which makes me think they are the same designer. Enjoy your DVDs - it's probably a good way to do it in 1 hit!
  4. I think their wardrobe was all supplied from barney's or some other well known US dept store.... do a search over the internet and it should come up
  5. Probably Bergdorf's, since that's where Glenn Close sends her in the first episode.

    Anyone know who makes that green trench? Is it a Burberry? I watched the whole season on DVD but never could figure it out!
  6. Thanks - the BBC just repeated the first series I guess they must be about to screen the 2nd and we watched the first 2 episodes that we missed (so I didn't know that Bergdorf reference) and it was a pity really because it's not as clever then. You basically know from the very first episode that Glenn Close's character is evil and will stop at nothing (that she organised killing the dog in the woman's house to get her to testify, sacked the guy deliberately to get Ellen to confide in him) but if you start from the third episode you don't know any of that you have the clues piling up from then on. It would have been cleverer to have you guessing like we had to from when we started at the 3rd episode. We had recommended it to so many people but after finally seeing the first episode we realised although it was good it wasn't great like we had thought. I hope the 2nd series gets the audience to work more. But great clothes...
  7. I want to watch it but I missed the first season and I don't want to be lost watching the second season. If I can catch up, I'll probably get into this.
  8. i think my favorate outfit is when patty questions her ex-husband daniel. he flips his testimony on the stand and she is seen walking out of the couthouse pretty pissed. she looks very powerful in that scene i guess if i went thru the episodes i could find something i liked more but that really stood out blue pin striped
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