Does anyone watch Criminal Minds?

  1. LOL...cuz it makes the show WAY more exciting!!!

    LOVE this show..never miss a new episode!

  2. Neither do I!!
  3. I definitely loved the 100th episode and can't wait for the new episode next week! :nuts:
  4. LOVE this show!
  5. Love, love, LOVE this show! It has to be one of my favorites.
  6. :love:

    and i can't just watch one...i go hours on end!!!

    Shemar Moore is yummy and his relationship with the blondie is so endearing!!
  7. i love this show, sometimes they do marathons and i can't stop watching, even if i watched an episode i can watch it again!! Love it!
    100th episode was soo good, i felt so bad for Hotch, but i kinda liked that it wasnt a hollywood ending and gave the character a lot to grow for
  8. I think it'll be interesting to see how Hotch tries to balance it all now that Hailey is gone and he'll have to take care of Jack.
  9. Good one tonight. Isn't Hotch suppose to leave the show because of money/contract issues?
  10. ^ Is that so? :sad: Boo!
  11. :bump:

    This week's episode wasn't as good as last weeks but still interesting with a twist. ;)
  12. I LURVE this show.. absolutely my fav. And the one last night about the Choking Game... after the show was over our LOCAL NEWS ran a segment about an 11 year old boy dying here right before Xmas, playing that game. I almost FAINTED. I had no idea the Choking Game was for real....:nuts:
  13. ^ Oh my! I didn't know either. Thanks for sharing that the Choking Game was real! :weird:
  14. :bump:
  15. I'm watching.. on A&E!