Does anyone watch Criminal Minds?

  1. I used to dislike this show because I got annoyed that every episode had an over the top climax/confrontation and then always ended with a congratulatory private plane ride home lol. But as I started watching reruns on TV, it really started to grow on me. I think Many Patinkin and Paget Brewster are my faves.
  2. I miss the Mandy Patinkin days... Watched an old episode today with him in it, he was amazing on the show.
  3. i like the show a lot
  4. I really like this show too....glad they stopped showing marathon Sunday runs as it is so addicting if I got caught watching one episode I was glued to the tv all day
  5. :amazed::sad::hrmm:

    Thomas Gibson Fired from 'Criminal Minds' After On-Set Fight
    Get ready to say goodbye to FBI Agent Aaron Hotchner

    As previously reported, Thomas Gibson was suspended from Criminal Minds after engaging in an on-set altercation with a writer-producer from the show. Things escalated rather quickly and Gibson has now been fired from the popular CBS procedural drama. On Friday, Criminal Minds producers revealed that the 54-year-old actor, who has portrayed Aaron Hotchner since the show's inception in 2005, will not return for Season 12.

    “Thomas Gibson has been dismissed from Criminal Minds,” read a statement from ABC Studios and CBS Studios. “Creative details for how the character’s exit will be addressed in the show will be announced at a later date.”

    Criminal Minds will return on September 28 and you can expect to see Aaron Hotchner in two episodes of the forthcoming season. It remains unclear how Hotchner will be written out since Gibson is no longer allowed on the set of Criminal Minds.

    Gibson addressed his dismissal from the show and took the time to thank his fans. He stated:

    “I love Criminal Minds and have put my heart and soul into it for the last twelve years. I had hoped to see it through to the end, but that won’t be possible now. I would just like to say thank you to the writers, producers, actors, our amazing crew, and, most importantly, the best fans that a show could ever hope to have."
  6. What?!? I love Hotch on the show. Don't know if I can continue watching now that he and Shemar Moore aren't on anymore.
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  7. I love love love Criminal Minds:heart::heart::heart: It's a pity my hubby doesn't like shows with the story in one episode ...

    I love the series, but I cannot watch them all the time. I got paranoid. It shows normal people and their monstrous behaviour, and sometimes it make me think how many people are here and I would never know what one would think. She/he may look friendly, but one never know what up on their minds. The show gives me shivers ...
  8. NOOOOOO!!! What the point to watch the show if Hotch is no longer there? :hrmm::-s My favourite character ....
  9. I saw a report that he also got into it with others including Shamar Moore and that he's hired an attorney. Apparently Thomas Gibson isn't a nice guy at all.
  10. Look like a good actor though ... :hrmm:
  11. Totally agree with u!
  12. Oh wow, I bet this will be last season. I just saw a re-run where they had actors play young Rossi and Gideon and they were dead on, especially the actor who played young Gideon
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  13. I think he's kind of wooden but it seems to go with the character
  14. Agree. I have never seen him in any other shows, so cannot judge. But Hotch would always be T.Gibson:smile:))
  15. 'Criminal Minds' writer who Thomas Gibson kicked battled anger management issues

    The "Criminal Minds" writer who Thomas Gibson was fired for kicking isn't exactly level-headed.
    Virgil Williams attended anger management courses for a verbal altercation he had with a production assistant more than a decade ago, a source close to the situation told the Daily News.
    The writer flipped out on a 22-year-old PA during his time writing for NBC's medical drama "ER" after she took his spot on the show's recreational softball team.

    TMZ first reported Williams "went ballistic" on the woman and allegedly promised to destroy her career.

    Gibson, who was given the boot from the show last week after 11 years for kicking Williams over creative differences, allegedly plans to use the writer's volatile past actions as his defense. He believes he was wrongfully fired from the CBS drama in which he portrayed Special Agent Aaron Hotchner and hired a lawyer to consider his legal options, according to TMZ.
    On Wednesday, the 54-year-old joined Twitter to address his ousting, saying the support from fans "means the world" to him and his family.

    "I had hoped to see through the end, but that won't be possible now," he said.