Does anyone watch Criminal Minds?

  1. Yes?
    Oh! I love it. Criminals are always caugth.Not just for that ,almost series happens. They read inside smart

    I fell in love with Hotch but Derek is so handsome...:heart:
    They are perfect!!!
  2. I do! It's one of my favorite shows! Can't wait until tomorrow night. I hope it's a new episode.

    Enjoy the show!
  3. I watch them on DVD. Second season is not yet in Spain...maybe soon...
    It is my favorite show after Sex in NY of course!!!
    I want to be a FBI agent!!!! :ninja: ( I wish in my next life :smile:)

    Criminal Minds (a Titles and Air Dates Guide)
  4. Sorry, Sex and the city,not Sex in Ny(as was called in Spain)
  5. That would be a GREAT job!:yes: That's why I love watching shows like Criminal Minds. It brings out the "sleuth" (detective) in me! LOL!
  6. I LOVE this show!

    I love the concept and I ADORE Mandy Patinkin!
  7. It's a great show! I'm bummed I miss tonight's show. Too much shopping!
  8. I love the show, it's actually my favourite of all time. (better than CSI IMO)

    I collect true crime books as well, oddly it's a topic that interests me greatly
  9. Yes! I love that show!
  11. Hi!!

    It seems we have similar taste...your signature is my favorite phrase of Sex and the city.When i first heard it i thougth it was made for me!!! :yes:
    I was about write it in my signature too
  14. It's a really good show. I'm trying to watch it more! Shemar Moore is soooo sexy!!!! whoa
  15. Yes :yes: so sexy!!!
    But i saw some pics in real life and i didn´t like him at all...
    His clothes were horrible...:p and his female partner were :yucky: