Does anyone want to talk me into a Campana?

  1. I love the Veneta - but recently my eye has been wandering to the Campana. The reason I didn't get one originally was because I was worried that it wouldn't stay on my shoulder well enough - and that it wouldn't hold enough. But the buzz in the BV forum is that it wouldn't be so.

    I'd love to hear from anyone that had both and could compare them against each other for me.

    Is a Campana worth it if you have a Veneta??

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Okay- I just realized that there are 2 sizes to this bag? What size would this one be:

    • 17'' doubled shoulder strap with 9'' drop

    • 13'' at widest x 8¼'' tall at center x 6'' deep
  3. The Campana is a great bag.:graucho: It does come in two sizes, the smaller is 13 x 8 x 6 and the larger is apprx. 17 x 10 x 6. I've seen it in a perforated leather, woven and a solid Catalano leather. I had the perforated for (a day) but returned it- loved the perforation, not keen on the color I chose. I have it in a black solid, which is very durable and strong, and a Ebano woven, which is so beautiful-I always get compliments when I wear that one. I simply love the shape of this bag. The double straps make it easy to get in and out (one stays on the shoulder while the other drops off to get in the bag)-but I will say that I find that one strap will slip off my shoulder from time to time:s - but it's an annoyance that I will put up with!

    BTW, the perforated Campana, although a past season style, is still available on NAP (The UK website only right now) See pics:
    Campana Perforated.jpg Campana Solid.jpg Campana Woven.jpg
  4. ^^Your campana's are SO BEAUTIFUL Marly! Can I ask what size(s) you have?

    I think i'd lean towards a large - but i'm not sure.

    I'm getting a BV wallet tomorrow (Saks gc event) - so I need to space out these purchases!
  5. And Beauxgoris, I don't want to be an enabler here:whistle: ...but to answer your question, yes, it's worth getting a Campana even if you have a Veneta, which is a wonderful bag too...
    because these bags are like eating potato chips-you can NEVER HAVE ENOUGH!:nuts:

    But I'm not enabling...just givin' my opinion:cutesy:
  6. ^^both mine are the smaller size.

    Share pictures of your new wallet purchase!
  7. i have the classic hobo and im looking forward to getting a campana thou to me they are more or less in the same shape im still planning to get a campana in the same color as my hobo (i hope that makes sense)
  8. I want the large in brown!!!!! Does anyone have a picture of the large?
  9. Here's a picture of my daughter with a large Campana in brown:
  10. here's more:
    th_P1010002-4.jpg th_P1010005-1.jpg
  11. wow, Marly, how can you have a daughter that age. you look soo young yourself! =)

    but you both look beautiful with your fabulous bags!!!

  12. Thank you. It's beautiful; I'm definitely coveting one!
  13. never say enough to BV if $$$$$$ is not an issue. I prefer the Campana in woven. Remember to show us what you get, Beauxgoris.
  14. ^^I will. A BV wallet is my next purchase. But my next BV bag (maybe this summer) is looking more and more like a Campana.
  15. Beaux, I just received my large Campana and it's a fabulous bag. You would love it--it opens wider than the Veneta because of the 2 handles and is just as comfy on the shoulder.