Does anyone want a Whiskey Edith?

  1. I put one one reserve at the Merrick Plaza (N. Marcus) here in Coral Gables, Florida back in May. My SA left me a message today telling me that she has it on hold for me. Since I already have mine I am going to call her tomorrow when they open at 10am to release it. Her name is Trisha. If anyone wants me to tell her to hold it for you let me know!
  2. how much? :smile:
  3. I'm going to go with 'retail' since it's at the store.
  4. Yes, it would be retail which is $1275 (retail). Shipping would probably be $10. I am not sure about the tax part though.

    Sanguar, your doggie is so cute!!!
  5. ^^thanks!! He thinks so too :smile:
  6. lordguinny....Did she happen to say if it was very rumpled and sqooshy, or would there be any way to find out? Mine was shipped today from BG (supposedly)...I ordered it three days ago and I had to call them to find out if they had shipped it or not as I hadn't heard a thing. :cry: I'm worried the leather is going to be all stiff and smooth. Did I read in a post awhile back that the newer Edith's have a tendency to be that way? Seems like I did. I'm going to be so disappointed if it is.
  7. Why don't you give them a ring? Their info is: 786-999-1000. It's the NM in Coral Gables, Florida at Merrick Plaza. They open tomorrow at 10amEST. BTW, I originally thought her name was Trisha but it isn't (I've only spoken to her to put the reserve on it back in the day). It's actually Virgina.

    You know who the best SA for me though is? Diane, from the Naples, Florida Saks. She not only found me my Edith (and described her to me over the phone) but she's helped other PF'ers on here get awesome deals on Betty's. She may not have any in stock but she'll work her hardest to find one for you! Her number is: 239-592-5900. Tell her you are a purse forum member! She works extra hard for us! :graucho:

    It is true that the fall Ediths are stiffer and less pebbled/scrumply. I am just not sure if it applies to every single one. However I did notice that mine gets softer and more scrumply with time. It's so delicious! I am really excited to see how yours is!
  8. Thanks for those numbers/names lordguinny...I'll hang on to them just in case mine ends up getting returned. Even if it isn't what I'm hoping for, I can see how the style looks on me...then I'll be on the hunt for a pebbly, smooshy, rumpled one!