Does anyone use ******??

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  1. I use them and love them, there is no catch. In fact I used them and found a 10% discount for Target ( They also have coupons on the ****** site ) and then got $57. back from the purchase I made from there. I always use ****** for any on line purchases.
  2. Ive used ****** for about a year and have been very happy with them. They have all of my favorite stores and Ive gotten checks back every quarter. No junk mail or solicitations of any kind either. Id recommend them to anyone who likes to shop online. Aside from the percentage rebates, I have found the "coupons" arent anything extraordinary, except sometimes you can get good promos, percent off, etc. you wont find anywhere else. You will still get the ebate too. Especially with, and overstock (although Im kind of annoyed with overstock right now..shady return policy!)
  3. Thanks guys....I think I'll try it out. I think that have an Eluxury rebate too.
  4. yup, 4%!