does anyone use this...

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  1. bag as a baby bag? I just recently found out I'm pregnant and the first think I thought of was a Coach baby bag..( i probably shouldn't admit that:lol:)

    anyway, I'm just curious if anyone has it and if you like it.

    Thanks :smile:

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  2. congratulations! :tender: Now I am all broody! I don't have that bag, because I don't have a baby lol, but imo I think that pic you have is the most attractive and cute baby bag!
  3. Love it! Def. use it as a baby bag.
  4. Congrats!!!!!!!!!! I think it is uber cute! My only worry would be not wanting to actually USE the tattersall changing pad lol!
  5. I love having stylish diaper bags, it makes diapering and carrying baby stuff more fun !
  6. oh congrats!!!! Thats awesome! YES - use it as a baby bag
  7. Congratulations!!

    I think that bag will be PERFECT - the coated canvas is super easy to clean too... you just wipe it down!
  8. (congrats, BTW!)
    TDF, perfect!
    Don't get poop on that tattersall changing pad, LOL!
  9. congrats and yes it was MEANT as a multifunction tote, with one function as as a baby bag with the enclosed changing pad :smile:
  10. Congratulations!!

    And that would be a perfect baby to figure out pink or blue?
  11. I think one other gal here had the same bag in pink, but she was using it for work or school. I think it would make a perfect diaper bag, but as spoiled rotten said, you need to figure out if you should get pink or blue! ;)
  12. If i were pregnant, I would totally get it!!!
  13. ahh.. Congrats... and trust me that would probably the first thing to come to my mind.
  14. Congrats on the baby! My SA told me she had to show me her baby bag and this is what she came running out of the back room with!