Does anyone use their Chloe every day? If so...

  1. ... how does it wear? What I mean is, does it get tatty and/or damaged? I am thinking particularly of the Paddy as the padlock and edges, I know, are prone to scuffing.

    When I took mine to work yesterday, I found myself worrying about the surfaces I put it down on! For example, when I used the loo, I hated having to put my lovely new Paddy on the toilet floor.

    Also, I bought a liner thing for it. Essentially, this is like a rectangular-shaped pouch with lots of side pockets. Sounds like a great idea, but I found it bulked all my things together, which made accessing the innards difficult. Whereas they would have 'settled' in their own little places without it, but I bought it to protect the lining from staining and spillage from make-up/perfume etc.

    How do you deal with this? Do you use a 'protector' inside your Chloe? Does the Paddy get really shabby looking quickly?

    Help! I want to enjoy my new Paddy, but anxiety about damaging it is ruining this for me :crybaby:
  2. I use mine everyday, it's the navy paddy with silver hardware, and it still looks like new. I try not to take it onto store restrooms though, if my daughter or husband is with me they have hold it for me while I use the facilities :smile:
  3. You got the Muscade Paddy like me right? I really baby my bags and I find the Muscade Paddy the best bag for phobics like us that very reason :yes: Muscade is a vintagey colour that IMO will only get better with time - not worse :heart:

    I do try to preserve my bags and I know others are the same so you're not alone ;)

    For example, I always carry a plastic bag with me then I can pop my paddy inside it if it rains :idea:

    Also, I never put my paddy on a dirty floor - I'd rather sit it beside me, on my lap or on the back of a chair. I hang it on the coat hook in a public toilet too :p

    But above all, you must enjoy your bag :heart:
    Although extremely beautiful, these babies are very sturdy and are made to be worn so please don't be too worried :flowers:
  4. Hi Marmite girl!
    I don't use the gismo you described (although I've seen it advertised on this site) for the inside of my Chloe bags. Instead I impliment a different system that incorportates what you describe as "falling into" their natural nitches. I employee three units that are transfered from bag to bag; check book, wallet and mini purse which holds lipstick, clippers, extra key, pen, tissues and a mirror. I know to grab 3 things to transfer on to the next bag and then go on my merry way.

    Hope that helps.
  5. it does get easier, and you will find yourself relaxing slightly. It helps that the leather just gets better and better with use, so you will want to use it more and more.

    Its natural to look after them, I have a fair few bags, but I still dont put them down in horrid dirty places!!, but try and enjoy it too ;)
  6. Hi all - sorry I know I am in the wrong thread but I had to go through google to access threads in the forum as I am not able to access the site directly since last night - I keep getting a page about a Zend Optimizer when I click on the "purse forum"- which is to be installed -I did that , but still nada. Am already going into withdrawals:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: not being able to read all your posts. Just noticed the times your recent posts are - seems you are not having the same problem as I do. What to do, what to do??

    Strange , I am able to post here, but as I said I do not have a direct access, am not able to navigate the site at all.
  7. i use my bay moka hobo everyday and find it very practical, i try to avoid public restrooms as much as possible and i always have somebody with me when i go out so i just always ask them to carry my bag for me if needed, so i dont have to put it down..
  8. I use mine with the locks off on a daily basis (work etc), I put the locks on when I'm going some where nice. It makes it easier to get into and lighter to carry (and I'm not as afraid of damaging it).
  9. I use my Chloe paddys, silverados, ascots, etc. every day, except when the weather is really horrible, and then I use my old MJ stellas. :jammin: I don't use a "liner," but if I carry a pen with me, I put it in a plastic baggy so that there's no chance for ink damage..:yucky: (horror of horrors!)
    I have small MJ and Chloe make up bags that contain lipstick, blush, etc., so they NEVER touch the inside of the bag. I don't worry about normal wear and tear, and I change bags once a week, so that they don't get TOO much wear on them. (I have a pretty good rotation going on...:wlae: ) I think you should enjoy your paddy!:yes:
  10. Both my Mousse Paddy and my Chocolate look as good as the day I got them.
  11. i wore my black with black hardware baby paddy every day. it didn't turn out so well, within 2 weeks the hardware had already chipped. after 3 months of using it every day it was majorly chipped. i sent it to chloe to be repaired. to say the least, i wasn't happy with the quality of chloe.
  12. did you take it to the chloe store?
    did you get it back? how would they repair the hardware? just wondering....
  13. Wow! So many replies in such little time - thanks guys! :nuts:

    Horror of horrors, I couldn't get back to PF after I posted this thread :wtf: Twas like a junkie needing their fix, I tell thee!

    Thanks for the great tips too. Am def going to do away with the large liner thingy - it just frustrated me all day. And I forgot about PENS!!!! I've always used small, clear 'wallets' (for want of a better word) to hold make-up and another for headache/stomach tablets, lipcream, tweezers etc. Guess I'll go back to that method :yes:

    You guys are great. You helped me get rid of the hideous fakes I first bought, then helped me choose my real deal Paddy - and now you are helping me look after my long-awaited, beautiful, smooshy Muscade.

    I luffs ya all! :tender:

    p.s. Keep em coming girls - all tips welcome!
  14. i bought it from a Nordstroms so i took it back there. i haven't gotten it back, might not until early may. i have no clue how they would fix it.
  15. Ha! Good use of natural resources I say!