Does Anyone Use the Speedy Pillow being sold on eBay?

  1. I just want to get the opinion of all you LV lovers out there if you have ever used the Speedy Pillow (that is sold on eBay) when you store your speedies/speedys?

    I purchased an azur speedy and the seller included the speedy pillow and base she bought for it (how nice of her, huh?! :tender:.. and when I finally received my speedy and stuffed it with the pillow, it did gave my speedy a good shape. and the base also, it didn't make my speedy sag. I was really pleased with the pillow. Usually my speedies/speedys are just folded and placed inside their dust cover and when using it, I would have to kinda iron the speedy with my hands to take out the wrinkle. Well, let me know what your thoughts are about using a Speedy Pillow when storing your speedies/speedy.

    It will cost a lot if you have a few speedies/speedy ($19.99 each plus s/h).. is it worth it? :girlsigh: Whatcha think?
  2. I think it depends on the quality of the pillow. If it fills out the bag all the way and the bag its fully stuffed, its worth it if you dont like the hassle of taking out the numerous airfillers or t-shirts everytime you want to use your bag and then put it all back in. However, if the pillow isn't of good quality.. it doesnt 100% stuff the bag and it ends up loose, then you'd be better off using air pillows because 1. it does a better job anyways and 2. its free. Yes, its more work but what the point of having a pillow that doesnt work?
  3. hu...interesting..I have never seen these. I am going to check them out though.
  4. Hello Ladies! In fairness, the pillow does fill up the whole speedy. I am just debating whethere to purchase pillows for my speedys or use other alternatives... alternatives of which I will find out from you LV lovers like me.. so now I have an idea that I can use air pillows instead and t-shirts(?).. anyone else who uses other things to stuff their speedys?

    I have posted pics of the pillow along side my mini lin speedy in dune so you can have an idea how the pillow looks like
    CIMG0701.JPG CIMG0695.JPG
  5. I need one for my patchwork speedy the hardwear makes it cave in on it's self when empty but this is the only one I'd use it on and you could make your own out of foam.

    BTW I wouldn't store your speedies folded the canvas could crack along the fold lines if it's done repeatly or for a long time
  6. I use the air-filled pillow that my SA included with the speedy. Definitely helpful
  7. I used to work for a newspaper, I got an "end roll" of paper, not enough to load on the press so it becomes scrap, and I just tear off a big hunk & use that to stuff my LV's.
  8. I use 2 little pillows I got at Ikea that fit perfect.
  9. I use tee shirts rolled up.
  10. I just bought one of the pillows off eBay for my keepall and it cost around $30 after shipping. It does the job, but I think any pillow stuffed in there would do the same thing. I think for $5 I could have gone to Target and gotten one to do the same job.
  11. I use a clean towel, rolled up, works like a charm... I have never stored my speedy folded, I hate those creases it makes in the canvas.
  12. i wouldn't buy it...i use t shirts and it does the job perfectly and i don't have to spend $$ on something that i dont need
  13. Interesting! I have never heard of the pillow before, but for the Speedy it would really work!
  14. My SA'a know to stuff mine with paper when I purchase them. I have thought about buying the pillows, but I have 6 speedy's.... that is $120 plus shipping, and I can use that toward another bag instead :smile:
  15. I have seen these and thought about ordering along with the base and for ally speedies and possible one for me keepall the total would be well over $150, not sure if its worth it.