Does anyone use the rain jacket that comes with the Birkin and Kelly?

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  1. The other day while out with my DH it began to rain. :sad: I took off my jacket and wrapped it around my Birkin. :sad: My DH asked why didn't I use the little rain thing that came with the bag? :confused1: To this I replied " I don't want anyone to think I'm NUTS!!!! :wtf: Needless to say my DH was drenched (gave me his coat) but my beautiful birkin was as dry as could be!!! So, my question to all of you is have you ever used the rain jacket? Would you? Have you ever seen anyone wearing theirs? Mine is still wrapped up in the box!
  2. That's funny, because just today I was debating if I shouldn't perhaps take the rain protection that came with my Birkin out of the box and drop it into my bag... just in case of an extreme downpour! I received two when I purchased my orange Clemence 35 Birkin. Is this the rule? (Can you guess - my first Birkin?)
  3. I never have
  4. I've never used them either - in fact, I've never even opened any of the packages up that they come

    DH and I got caught in the rain one day, and the H store director was so very kind to wipe our bags down and wrap them in tissue and the white shopping bags though :heart:
  5. LOL2! I never even thought of opening the package, either! Now I'm curious as to what my Birkin raincoat looks like. Going to open the package right now!
  6. I've used it, i have three rain jackets (one with each bag) and only use one for all the bags. I love it!! Now I don't have to freeze keeping my bag dry!
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    OMG it's sooo cute. It's a rain cape! I had to take a pic with my iPhone:

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  8. Oh that is cute! lol! Thanks for taking the pic :heart:
  9. Awww, thanks for the picture. I haven't taken mine out but I do keep it in my glove box just in case. I usually have a Longchamp Pliage in my office and one in my car that I use if it is raining.
  10. Haha, thats so cool. I usually leave them at I think I need to start using them.

    Singapore now is facing lots of windy hot afternoon...don't anticipate much rain.
  11. When im travelling I always have the raincoat in my bags! Lol I think it looks cute :P
  12. No way. Have never even opened one. I take a trash bin liner and stow it at the bottom of the bag...and if it rains I whip it out and put the bag in it (liner open to the bottom and carry it by the (completely covered) handles. That works the best for me.
  13. Actually, I saw many Birkin/kelly raincoats in action in Paris. I was surprised since noone here seems to like them. I too use the plastic trash bag stashed in the pocket for those unexpected downpours.
  14. I carry one in all my bags but on the rare occasion I need to use them, I always feel a little shy. :shame: Doesn't help with all the stares from passers-by. :blush:
  15. Nope, I never use them.