Does anyone use the Muse as a travel bag?

  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone here uses the Muse as a travel bag? How tough is it? Any comments appreciated :smile:
  2. Hi Wubble. I tried on a few o/s Muses yesterday and at 5'1" I can justify the o/s as a carry-on and also as a handbag for those long daytrips full of errands. I have to say the patent seems sturdier and more structured than the regular leather which feels thinner and flimsier(no offense to TPFers who own them please!). I myself am debating whether to get the o/s plain patent black Muse or the large Downtown carryon luggage for travel...but I say if you spend this much on any handbag, it better serve you well in any capacity you want it to! Let us know what your final pick is and please post pics. Good luck!
  3. :lol: That's funny you feel that way, because I felt the opposite when I tried on the OS muse in black patent! It's a gorgeous bag, but I felt it was much lighter and the word flimsier did come to my mind, too.:push: I suppose I am used to the my orange leather muse, which can get very heavy if I use it as a travel bag.
  4. I have used both my large muse and my medium downtown as hand luggage. Both are regular buffalo leather and they are tough as nails. Plus, both of them seem to accommodate whatever you'd like to stuff in them, which is handy with a baby!

    Oversize Muse will make a great carry-on bag...big enough, really tough though beautiful leather and as a muse owner for nearly 2 years now, they are indestructible!! LOL.

    (I think that patent will be much less so....think scratches, dings etc.).Plus, since the bag is less flexible, it may not hold *everything* quite as well. )
  5. I have 3 children (2 yrs, 4 yrs, and 3 months) & I can attest to the Muse's sturdiness. I have the O/S in chocolate and it still looks great. I do rotate about every month or so w/Chloe Betty and buyer's totes but the muse even survived a close encounter with Balmex cream.

    I think it would be perfect take on luggage. The only downside(?) is having no outer pockets like the Betty?
  6. I have had my OS black muse for over a year, it has taken a beating and still looks fabulous. I've used it as an everyday bag, college bag, hand luggage on planes and trains through out the year. This bag still looks great, its very sturdy and can hold so much - the only bad thing it gets so heavy!
  7. I have an ivory Muse and it still looks brand new. I was really nervous about taking it on vacation the first time but it has been greaT! I didn't specifically use it as a travel bag per say but I did want a bag that I could put a lot of stuff in to easily that was still stylish. It does get a bit heavy but I found that on my shoulder, it didn't feel too bad.

    If my IVORY held up, I'd say it's a great bag! :smile:
  8. I haven't used my use as a travel bag (I own a black large muse) because I'm always afraid I will damage the bag. But perhaps I will take it with me for my Thanksgiving trip back home and see how it goes. It can definitely fit a hardback novel and magazines without a problem.
  9. BTW, here's a noteworthy discovery. After trying on the o/s Muse and asking my daughter if it looked HUGE on me, she said it's just as big as my medium Downtown. I put one on each shoulder and examined them in the store's floor length mirror...and sure enough, they looked about the same. That's probably why I'm contemplating taking either as a hand carry PLUS the large Downtown patent carryon(we are allowed 2 per person on board right?). And the patent leather is worry-free. Of all my bags from various designers, this patent leather is the easiest by far. Rain or shine my black patent medium Downtown has been my daily tote for about 2-3 mos now, scratch-free!