Does anyone use the long strap for their Baggy GM/PM?

  1. I am contemplating buying this. I have two baggy gm bags and think this might change it up a bit.

    But do any of you ladies/men wear it that way. Sometimes things sound great in theory but don't work out.

    Is it comfortable to carry that way?

    The denim won't make little fuzz balls on th back side from having constant contact with your side/hips would it??

    Is it worth the price in your opinions?

    I own the mono Mussette and when I first got it I wore it to death because it was so comfy to carry messenger style. I'm wondering if the denim will be the same.

    Any info, pics would help.

    thanks:P :yes:
  2. I have a baggy pm and need to buy a strap for it; I would love to use it as a cross-body bag. If you look in the visuals sticky, one of the tpf members has the longer strap and the bag looks great!

  3. So you don't think that $120 is a waste of money for a strap??:confused1:
  4. I think bb10blue has a pic of the baggy gm with the long strap in the visual aides thread and I think it looks awsome...I tried it on in the store and I think it would be a great investment and add some versatility and function to the bag!

  5. If you use the strap frequently, no.
  6. I have the strap for my baggy PM, I think it makes a very comfortable messenger style bag. When you think about the cost of two Baggy GMs, the $120 for the strap is what, another 5%? Go for it! :wlae:
  7. I've got the pink baggy pm & the long strap I use it a lot and it is super comfortable. It really changes the bag too so it's like 2 for 1
    Baggy PM.JPG Baggy PM Messenger style.JPG
  8. I would def. invest in a long strap! It give a bag a whole new look!!!:yes:
  9. Thanks for everyone's opinion. I think I will get one. :yes: