Does anyone use the Dogon wallet???

  1. I've been looking for a Hermes wallet but I'm not having a lot of success at my store with the bearn. I'm not really sure of the colors and leathers and would like to see them in person before buying them. They do have more of a selection of the dogon wallet. I was wondering if anyone here uses this style. What can you fit into this wallet?

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. I'd really like to know as well because I REALLY want a Dogon wallet. I just think the closure is so cute. :biggrin: I think they don't have as many pockets for cards and such but I don't carry a ton of stuff in my wallet so I think it would work depending on what size. :graucho:
  3. I consider it more of a travel wallet. No card slots or coid area, just more of a few big empty spaces and large slits for bills and such. :smile:
  4. ls,
    its incredibly soft & squishy, retains shape.
    it has 5 cc slots and two inside sections.
    in it, I carry individually wrapped packets of shout wipes, hand wipes, & floss strips.
    wait...i have to go get it....brb.
    okay i am back...also a mini pack of kleenex, necessary "papers and lists of the moment", 2 spare keys i keep in a plastic mini pill packet (mine and my dh's)genteal gel eyedrop mini tube, a mirror (i "stole" from my judith lieber evening bag!) and a mini round-tipped scissor.
    it comes with a change purse but i keep a lipgloss & a m ini compact translucent powder & breath strips & gum in it- orbit bubblemint.
    you mite want to check out the zippy pencil case. i adore it for a small bit of cash, spare change, a check card, my blue tiffany pen, H mini post it holder. Doesn't it feel good being girly girls????!!!!
  5. cb, it hasfive cc slots, and the change purse has two more slots!!!!
    $1300 bt, last summer
  6. i also have the AZAP (i do not knwo wht that means- i jsut read it off my H receip!) change purse which has two slots and last summer it was $540, jsut so you know.
    also, just so you know, the mini post it cover, was $160 this year.
    i jsut HAD to dip into my H fund, i absolutely love small leather goods. can u tell yet??!!
    i need to stop me stop dipping!!!!! i will be visiting H in 4 weeks and will give a detailed report on my observances!!!
  7. green tea, could they have changed the dogon?
    mine is called the dogon combined wallet...oh, wait a minute....i think there are two...yes, i believe so..sorry 'bout that!
    fyi, i bought mine in H nyc.!
  8. Oh, I didn't know there were two! I'm probably wrong about the card slots but maybe one model doesn't have them.. ?
  9. There's a Dogon credit card wallet that looks very much like the "regular" (the one w/ the removable coin purse) but on the inside, all it has are several credit card slots. I don't remember how many, though.
  10. My Dogon only has 2 cc slots on main purse and 1 on the coin purse like attached picture. Have I been duped????:sad::wondering
  11. Nikki, if you purchased that lovely Dogon wallet at an Hermes boutique or from a reputable seller, then you were not duped. Yours is what is considered the "regular" Dogon wallet. The two pockets in front can be used for CC's. I was just talking about another Dogon style. It looks like yours from the outside but inside all it has are several CC slots, that's it.
  12. When I saw them last weekend there were two sizes. One had a few credit card slots and an open pocket. It was smaller than a checkbook. And one was bigger, more of a checkbook wallet size but I really didn't look at the bigger one. :shame:
  13. :biggrin: Thanks so much for the information! I appreciate the help! My boutique doesn't seem to be getting in many new small leather goods and I'd really like to see some choices before making a decision. I like to see something and decide I want it instead of telling them what I want and then trying to find it. I guess I like impulse purchases??:P That way it isn't my fault! :roflmfao:
  14. Thanks for the info, guys. I was also thinking about getting the Dogon wallet to protect my blue jean lizard agenda (so it's not rolling around in my bag unprotected). But then I would probably need to get something else to protect the Dogon wallet... so there simply wouldn't be any end?! :P