Does anyone use the City as a work bag?

  1. Is it big enough to hold your stuff? Is it too casual looking? Pics with business clothes would be great! TIA!
  2. but of course! i'm not sure how you define casual, though. maybe some think the tassels make the clean design look fussy so you could take them off. colours might affect the look too - you can always stick to black of white or brown, even a deep red. when stuffed, the City looks more structured and possibly more formal looking?

    big enough: really depends on how much you typically carry to work, yes? some find it too big and prefer it slightly bigger than the First. for some, the Work is a better size.
  3. I carry mine to work. I don't carry my laptop or files in it, though, have a separate laptop bag for that. I have no problem fitting my other stuff in there, but other than my brick of a Treo, my wallet, and a mini hairbrush, my other stuff is pretty small (lipstick, business cards, hair elastics, gum, whatever.) I normally don't have to wear a suit, so I don't worry about it looking too casual. I have worn it with jacket and pants, and I thought it was fine. To be honest, I also figure I carry it into work and out of the building but that's it: no one sees me with it during the day anyway.

    The Step is a bit more structured looking, so you might want to look at that if you're really worried.
  4. Thanks for the responses so far! They are helpful! I usually just carry a few papers in my bag, if anything. No computer or any large files. I want to get it in black.
  5. kimberf's suggestion of the Step is excellent. it's structured like a doctor's bag, and black is perfect for work, with biz suits as your staple workwear :tup:
  6. I agree with glossie - black would be perfect for work. I carry mine to work all the time (I don't have one in black though). Everything I need fits nicely and there's room to spare.
  7. I use mine for uni! It's so scrummy and holds all my work too. Although I only use 2 A4 pads and a few pens lol x
  8. My black city was my bag of choice last night to a client dinner with a dressy outfit and black leather jacket & boots! Like a rock star!
  9. i use my first for work and it works fine! i put keys, wallet, blackberry, phone and folded up papers and it fits everything magically! i think it really depends on how much stuff you like in your bag!
  10. yes, i have my city right here in my office. it's big enuf for my needs.. hold an A-4 size document+wallet+cell phone
  11. Yupe! Fits my A4, ipod, LG Compagnon, mobiles, keys, my needleworks :shame: and lunch box!
    I :heart: City! esp in Magenta :p